A super special reminder: this is not an e-zine, political blog or newspaper. I am a just a random person writing a personal blog. This may contain thoughts, opinions and judgments that are unique to me. With that in mind, when you come in and say, “All the research and reality on this topic is invalid because you are a judgeypants!” that really just makes you look stupid(er). I reserve the right to point and laugh at you. I’m not trying to educate anyone; I’m ranting. That’s probably why there were so many swear words and childish insults thrown in there.

I do stand by the assumption that the doctor guy has never grown up poor, and that much is obvious to anyone who has (actually) grown up destitute and has known what it’s like to struggle hard. Rather than someone who was low on cash for a while but overall surviving okay as a regular middle class person.
People love to come out of the woodwork and say, “Uh, no wait! I was poor, and I disagree, ha!” but really, I don’t believe you have grown up poor either if you’re telling me that people on disability get scooters for fun. (Tell that to my mother, 10 months into trying to get one, when person after person comes into her place to put her through a degrading and humiliating process of having her disabilities graded. Even though years of medical records prove she’s almost completely immobile before this even started. She’s still waiting, by the way. I understand weeding out the doofuses, but that level of “investigation” and trial and error is humiliating, physically painful [she is often forced to walk blocks and blocks with various walkers to prove she is in too much pain to do it regularly. After which she’s so injured she can’t get out of bed for days] and unnecessary. If she could afford it outright, she would have bought it outright and never, ever gone through that).
Or if you’re telling me that poor people deserve to have their every move watched and judged lest they live “inappropriately” by your standards.
Or if you believe that someone whose sole income is welfare is making more money than you, with your $13/hr job.
Or if you believe there are more “bad” than “good” poor, and you’re in the position to tell the difference based on the [ food they eat ] or the [ clothes they wear ].
Or if you believe that everyone, everywhere, has the same socioeconomic status, class, education level and opportunities that you had. And therefore welfare will just [ increase poverty rates ] and lead to people quitting their jobs to sit back with their feet up.

I’ll leave it with this lovely quote from [ a diarist ] on Dreamwidth:
“I don’t think suffering is good for people, really. So I am never really going to be able to encompass the idea that people who are already struggling, ought to be struggling harder, rather than given some kind of help.”

Alright, I’m done with my tantrums. Back to our regular scheduled programming.

First day back on the Mothering boards and I’ve already received five warnings (for saying, “I didn’t say that” and, “I clarified like, three times” as well as, “that’s a straw man argument, stop doing that”. And one valid one for saying, “Bullshit” rather than starring it out. Although she told me to star it out, and last year I got a warning for posting a swear word with stars in it instead of the actual letters… THAT PLACE IS FUCKED!). Good god they are insane there nowadays. I was actually told that I was not allowed to respond to any other user/post directly within a thread, if I disagreed with what was said, even if it’s about me and is direct and purposeful misrepresentation. HOW DO YOU HAVE A CONVERSATION?!

I also started a June ’11 community because I am trying to preempt those wussy DDCs that pop up on LJ and forbid debate or any sort of rational conversation for fear of a disagreement. That got old fast.
For some reason I can’t design a front page worth crap and somewhere around 4am I gave up and wrote the lyrics for a Beatles song.


I seriously cannot believe this is happening. I am in complete denial. I keep waiting for my period to start so I can find out it was all some vast conspiracy of tests to plot against me. This totally can not have happened the way it did, it’s just as impossible as Xan’s conception. Then again, we know how that turned out.
I am feeling crazy insane right now – not symptom-wise, just because this is CRAZY. I’m a little nauseous, but I can’t tell if that’s my “normal” nausea or something new. I’m hot all the time, but that also isn’t too out of the ordinary considering all the menopause/hot flash stuff over the last year, and I feel like I was run over by a truck. The last one is probably the only valid pregnancy symptom I have. I’m like the Enterprise, with Scotty somewhere down in my womb screaming “Rerouting emergency power to the engines! She doesn’t have the power!”. Every time I try to go for a walk it feels 25 times longer and I’m EXHAUSTED when I get home.

I told my mom and dad yesterday, and my brother the night before last. He skyped me and we talked about it for an hour. Brother’s Wife is getting close to the end, and Sophie is due to be born late next month, probably.

Side rant:
They’re still pretty stuck on all the unnecessary intervention stuff, and even though they’re boasting about their perfectly normal, smooth, uncomplicated pregnancy I’m pretty sure she’ll end up with an unnecessary cesarean. I’ve given them books as gifts, post links in my FB all the time because that’s sort of what I do, bring up a few things in conversation and correct where I hear misinformation, but I’m not truly being pushy (yes I do hear you sniggering). They’re the kind that freak out if you point out they’re misinformed. At the same time, they seem to really have no desire to make informed choices, and honestly THAT’S the part that is weird to me. Why would you ever prefer to be ignorant when it comes to your baby’s health? Wouldn’t you rather have all the information before you go into it? All personal preferences aside, isn’t it just more comfortable to know what the fuck you’re doing? It’s bizarre. I’ve never seen fake hippies and self-proclaimed “perpetual learners” so gung-ho about willful ignorance.



This is news to me every time I wake up in the morning, or like… see myself in the mirror. Today I went down to the thrift store and scored some really nice business maternity shirts to wear to shoots or meetings later on down the line. The only problem is that the nicest one makes my breasts look massive. Not that they aren’t already massive, but significantly massive-er. And they’re only going to get bigger.
After Jericho and Xan I was up to a J-cup for months. It was kind of frightening for a while there.

This wouldn’t normally be an issue, except for the fact that as a large-busted woman you can’t go fucking anywhere without someone making some snide-ass comment about how you could stand to look more professional, or less slutty, or something. Because having large breasts automatically makes you a whorebag who is looking for attention.
For all the issues, and the fact that one day I’ll probably end up with a reduction, I do like my breasts right now. I’m okay with them. It has taken me a long, long time to get to that point in my life… but right now I’m honestly pretty happy with the way they look.
I’m enjoying that. Feeling good about a part of my body is a good thing. Choosing to enjoy my breasts, flatter them, and not hide them in uncomfortable minimizing bras and turtlenecks is a positive step toward making my self image a lot better.
So, when I say that it’s more comfortable for me for a million reasons to wear a shirt that doesn’t come up to my neck, that is not simply because I’m a whorebag. When you have big, heavy breasts, pretty much anything you wear other than a straightjacket is going to show some cleavage. Maybe even a lot of cleavage. A woman with no bust and a woman with a large one could wear the same, flattering, nice shirt and 50 people will point at the large busted one and say she’s looking for attention and dressed inappropriately, whereas the other one looks “nice” and “conservative”.

News flash: wearing slimming, comfortable, flattering clothing with a “v” or scoop neck does not make you a whore. Or unprofessional. Or looking for attention. It makes you a person wearing a shirt.

(Wow, two rants in one day, I must be irritable… AND PREGNANT).

Also at the thrift store we got Xan a bunch of new shirts after prying his last two striped ones out of his sleeping hands and finally trashing them. They were getting way out of control rugged.
Curtis found him a ton of really adorable button-down tops, and as soon as we got home we put one on him and squeed ourselves sick from the cuteness. Xan puffed out his chest, looked at himself and said, “I look like a man! A big, old man! I look good.” Then he popped his collar and strutted up to show mom his manliness.
All evening he was stroking the buttons and making googly eyes at people, talking about growing a beard and looking like Curtis. All he needed to do was start in on the Buddy Christ point and he’d be all set for being the creepiest three year old ever.

Also: I finally got my tattoo today of Jericho’s hand print. Picture will come later. I’m so glad I waited so long to find the right artist. I’ve had everything put aside for it for years and years, waiting for the perfect person to do it right.
It didn’t really hurt that bad. It felt like getting a cat scratches on skin that has been slapped. Definitely uncomfortable, but not excruciating by any means. Once she stopped it didn’t hurt at all. Even now, hours later, I can’t even feel it on my skin. I’m sure it’ll be sore later, but for now it’s fine.

Links of the Day:
It’s not just parenting websites promoting Similac’s newest marketing ploy – I don’t know if many of you have heard about this, but it’s ghastly. Similac, one of the largest formula companies, has developed a “breastfeeding hotline” that they’re doing a massive amount of promotion for. Problem? They make formula, and market against breastfeeding. It’s a huge conflict of interest. Huge. Other blogs have direct quotes from the site, and phone calls, which are troublesome. While some of the advice is correct (it would have to be), much of it isn’t. On top of that, subtle language changes help promote the idea that breastfeeding is hard, painful, and unnecessary, while formula is easy and allows you to “live your life”. The argument for this service was that it’s only being promoted by parenting websites… think again. :-/
Make your own soap bubble solution – Pairs extremely well with [ make your own giant bubble blower ].
Inconsiderate breastfeeding women – How dare they leave their bagels untouched. Just exactly what I said.




  • Two random thoughts that keep swimming through my mind today…

    1. In proper lingerie stores I’m usually about a 34E or F, and yet I really don’t feel like my boobs are really that big. I can still sometimes fit a D or DD at a store that only carries up to that size (usually it’s an anomoly though). I haven’t gotten a comment about the size of my boobs since high school (when I had a rather embarrassing nickname regarding them, that a teacher started calling me not knowing the origins… oops.) Anyway, I’m not sure where I’m going with this. I guess I’m just always curious about bra sizing and how accurate my own perception of my body is?

    2. If you’re ever just wandering around the internet, you really should check out the Ravelry group “LSG Parents” – it’s an offshoot of the main “LSG” group and this is from their page banner: “I’m the result of fucking, not ‘baby dancing’ or magical dust.” and “Just because we have kids doesn’t mean we think they shit gold.” It’s good reading, as far as forums go (In my limited experience, anyway).

    • admin says:

      It’s the 32 or 34 part that makes you feel smaller. It’s the width of your breast. A 38C looks larger than my 32F until I get a push up bra on. πŸ˜›

      What does LSG stand for?…
      I always liked the term, “Crotchdropling” for kids. πŸ˜€

      • Yeah, I think you’re totally right. I also think it’s just that thing where I’ve looked at my own body so much that I’ve lost a lot of objectivity about it.

        LSG stands for “lazy, stupid, and godless” – although, that’s sort of misleading. It’s more like, outspoken people with really good sense of humour. you’ll NEVER encounter homophobia or anything in there… a lot of their regular members are gay, or trans, or in poly relationships… etc. They’re really accepting. And the “godless” part isn’t totally accurate either… they even have an offshoot group for pagan & wiccan members called “lazy, stupid, and goddess.”

        Pretty much the group was just created after someone in the very beginning asked, “is swearing allowed on Ravelry forums?” So they mostly just like to cuss and ask for straight-up advice and whatnot. And they use a lot of weird insults as compliments… being called a “hoar” or a “twatweasel” are fairly common terms of endearment.

        I don’t read the parents board much, not being a parent, but it’s pretty much the same as the main group except specifically about pregnancy & parenting conversation.

  • genbean says:

    congrats on the pregnant!
    Also, I totally want to use some of the ideas in your posts and scream them at classmates who want to spew classist, racist bullshit whenever *anything* about *any* social program comes up. I’m actually excited about going to class Monday *grin*
    I finally make it to college and it seems like I spend a lot of time explaining how the world really works… and you phrase very well πŸ™‚

  • Once again – YAY BABY!

    And I hear you on the boobs front. I’m an H or a J cup depending on the bra, and the judgement and assumptions are just brutal.

  • I ran across this cool series of photos via that other Heather Armstrong. Thought you might enjoy it now that you’re PREGNANT! πŸ˜‰

  • Congrats! I am very happy for your little growing family
    Welcome baby #4

    I can’t wait to see Jericho’s tattoo. One helpful tip I used A&D ointment to help with the healing and itching.

  • noelove says:

    1. lol at people
    2. MDC sucks ass. stay far far away.
    3. sucks about your SIL
    4. big tits = sex worker. duh.
    5. yay tattoo!

  • rabbitpaused says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited about an internet-person-who-I-don’t-actually-know’s pregnancy as much as I am now. That’s amazing. Congratulations!

  • gen_here says:

    Two things: I would LOVE if you would join – or even tell your friends if you don’t want to join. There is NOTHING sane for March, it’s all the “OMG I’m 14 weeks and have had 8 ultrasounds and can’t wait for my epidural!!!!” – I couldn’t even stomach to join (unless those were just the public entries?). I’m still a member of the all-the-time birth communities, but there’s only me and one other girl in this one… and she hasn’t even posted.

    MDC: I was a member there for about 6.5 years. Joined when I was pregnant with my 5.5 year old, stayed on through almost 4 yo’s pregnancy, and then lost interest with all the “my 2 week old just wrote a poem in perfect Russian while running across the room!!!!11!” crap. I came back when pregnant… and got banned for agreeing with the mod! She told me that she had already taken care of the situation (it was a bunch of crazies telling more crazies to stop listening to their midwives and trust *this* info from Mayo Clinic because they’re DOCTORS!!!!” The mod told me I was opinionated, I agreed and said I would leave, just wanted to wish my DDC well. She deleted my “I’m still pregnant, just choosing to leave, I wish you all the best with the rest of your pregnacies!”, banned me, and I couldn’t tell the list creator that I was still pregnant… so I got put on the “always in our hearts” miscarriage list! Thankfully I found a friend who PMed her, and the list creator said they had already had several moms in the group get banned for stupid crap because of the power-trippy mods.

    So know you’re not alone. It’s the voice of sense and reason – it must be shut down!!!!

    • admin says:

      Your situation with MDC sounds a ton like mine has been. Holy. Shit. They are fucking insane there.

      Last time I got a point on my account was for the most RIDICULOUS FUCKWARDERY ever. By the end of it, I was having PMs with the master mod who was making snide and accusatory comments at me for doing exactly what they’d told me to (take my issue to a higher mod). She’d say things like how they were doing such hard, excruciating work and then they all must be exhausted after I “decided to complain again”.
      Which was a strange thing to say considering her response came at the end of just one conversation, about 12 pms in total. Man, it just got worse from there… effectively, I got a major warn and a near ban for using a “head scratching” smiley when talking about myself in my own thread.

      • gen_here says:

        I didn’t even know there was a mod I could bring it to other than her… not that I had the chance to do so before she banned me and took away my ability to send a PM. This all took place in less than 12 hours. I did see that one forum contained a mom that was in my daughter’s DDC with me – I thought about sending her a PM to ask her what to do… but couldn’t since I can’t comment or PM or anything. Just read. Because I agreed publicly with the mod.

        TEH HORROR!!!!

        Really, the only reason I’m at all ticked is that it means I can’t use the trading post now. But if it’s full of people that are considered acceptably by MDC mod standards, maybe that’s okay.

        Oh, I was also the only one in the “should I get an ultrasound?” thread who was not only avoiding u/s in general, but was NOT going to have one simply for the sake of a peek between the legs. I can kind of understand why people might want one if there are concerns for health reasons or whatever, but for MDC – and to be the only one in THREE PAGES to say they weren’t getting one to determine gender… blew my mind.

  • inertiaflux says:

    YAY congrats!! I”m so excited for you! huzzah!

  • I love MDC. It’s very, very squeaky clean, but TBH I’ve never had a problem with that. I just hang in the TTC forums BSL thread, mostly, so it’s all about us girls hanging out and chatting about our cycles and being supportive and trying to find humor in NEVER GETTING PREGNANT EVER so there aren’t really many opportunities for strife and conflict, though.

    I’ll join your June DDC if I turn out to be pregnant. (How many times have I said that??) Technically I’d be due May 31st, so I’d get to join two as a month-straddler πŸ˜‰

    I’m a 38H (I think… honestly, I forget exactly) and I’ve never had any comments about me looking slutty or anything. I probably tend more towards looking frumpy, especially paired with being short and heavy and middle-fat rather than pear-shaped-fat, but yeah, no one says anything to me. Are you talking about, like, random people out on the street? I don’t wear “low-cut” stuff except in that everything looks low-cut on me anyways even when it’s not meant to be.

    I don’t know. Reading the internets lately I’m starting to think I’m the one woman in the world who never receives any street harrassment or other unwanted attention. Maybe I’m really, really hideous and I don’t know it? hah. idgi.

    • admin says:

      I have been on MDC since like… 2002 or 2003. I used to love it. It used to be awesome. πŸ™ It has changed so, so much since that time. The forums got fucking insane. First Cynthia, then all the rest of the crap that followed that…


      Breast comments: people in the street but actually more often bystanders when I’m doing sessions. I wear nice shirts when I do sessions, and generally it’s difficult not to tell I have large breasts. I hear people make comments behind me sometimes. Once or twice at weddings. It doesn’t particularly *bother* me in a “boo hoo” way, but it is obnoxious. If I wasn’t doing a job I’d turn around and shake my glorious titties at them, but alas I’d probably be fired…

      • inertiaflux says:

        Breast comments: people in the street but actually more often bystanders when I’m doing sessions. I wear nice shirts when I do sessions, and generally it’s difficult not to tell I have large breasts. I hear people make comments behind me sometimes. Once or twice at weddings. It doesn’t particularly *bother* me in a “boo hoo” way, but it is obnoxious. If I wasn’t doing a job I’d turn around and shake my glorious titties at them, but alas I’d probably be fired…

        HAHAHA I HEAR ya!!!

        • inertiaflux says:

          ^^^ see happily stolen icon. ^_~

        • tastyanagram says:

          Seriously. I took a nice long walk yesterday and was wearing a perfectly normal long sleeved shirt that fit well, with a well-fitting, unseen bra, and some guy felt the need to comment to his crony, “Damn, that rack is nice.” Honestly, I didn’t even mind that. Compared to having boys yell in my face about how BIG they are on the street, hearing someone call my breasts “nice” seems like a pleasant compliment.

          But seriously: yes, they’re breasts. I guess when you don’t have them you think that telling someone about theirs is novel, but I hear it so often that I don’t understand the need to point out the obvious.

      • stapynam says:

        In what ways has it changed? Just curious.

        I’ve only been hanging out there (mostly lurking) for about 1 year on the FAM and CTA type boards, and will hopefully be on a DDC in the next couple of months. It seems to be pretty OK, but I’m a take-everything-with-a-grain-of-salt kind of girl, so maybe I’m missing somtheing πŸ˜‰

        • admin says:

          It’s become insane. Just insane. Take a look at some of the other comments, stories about interaction there.

          You’re not allowed to talk about sex.
          You’re not allowed to have a debate.
          You’re not allowed to use sarcasm, even good humour, against yourself.
          You’re not allowed to mention a moderator.
          You’re not allowed to criticize anything.
          You’re not allowed to take an issue to a higher authority even if they told you to.
          You can’t fight a warning, even if it’s wrong and/or a misunderstanding.
          The list goes on…

          It started back in Cynthia’s day, when her homophobia and sexism reigned. Lots of people got banned. There was a huge kerfuffle over Thismama’s comment about “being so far out of the closet she’s on the couch with her feet up” that offended the main mod (cynthia) so she banned her for “sexualized behavior”. It blew up like a bomb and a lot of people came out of the woodwork talking about some clearly homophobic mod decisions. on her part, nothing was done, complaining to Peggy only brought her wrath down on us… it got worse from there.

          • gen_here says:

            I had heard about “Cynthia” – but I never heard what it was that happened. Honestly, knowing MDC for what it was back in the day, that really shocks me.

            And I didn’t know about not being able to mention a mod. That has to be what got me banned (I was never told – just couldn’t comment again). In the post where I wished everyone a happy and healthy rest of their pregnancy, I said, “‘m sorry – as I said in my post (that was removed by moderator’s discretion, and I agree with her), I haven’t been around MDC in awhile. I forgot how, um, opinionated things can get, and I’m choosing to leave on my own accord. I wish you all the very best with your pregnancies!” (I actually sent that to a friend by email with the comment, “watch me get banned now.” ha ha ha)

            When I tried to go back to contact the March DDC chick, I went through google. I got the following message as a pop-up from my security program. I LOL’d:


            (no shit!)

  • did some one make that scooter comment? D:

  • klarenka says:

    Re: the BIL and SIL, uncomplicated pregnancy + unnecessary interventions, etc.

    I work as a birth doula and see this…all the time. I both understand and don’t understand. I think that, for some, there’s only so far they’re willing to trust their own knowledge and intuition, especially when it comes to something as new (to them) as pregnancy and birth. I have some clients who say they want a natural, unmedicated birth, but really want a doula so that they feel safe enough to choose medications. (“See? We had a doula! We tried!”)

    • admin says:

      That last part… wow, I can’t imagine how shitty it must feel to know you’ve been used like that. :-/

      • klarenka says:

        Eh. I’ve come to realize that there are different reasons that couples hire a doula, and I invest myself accordingly. I don’t pay less attention to some clients than others, I don’t do better or worse work – I do the best work that I possibly can with every single client; I simply acknowledge, internally, that this couple is not as invested in a natural birth, and work with them as they need. Does that make any sense?

        • admin says:

          I do understand. I’m just considering taking the doula training here and I think something like that would probably really hurt my feelings, so at least it’s sort of good to know what kinds of people I might meet up with…

          • klarenka says:

            Christ on a cracker, you’ll meet all types.

            I’m plugged into a very awesome doula/birth community here in Minneapolis, so it was a shock when I went to my DONA-sanctioned doula training and heard the trainer and attendees have long derogatory conversations about slutty teen clients (oh God, the slut shaming…), overweight clients, clients with more than n children, and so on, ad nauseum.

            I took the training, watched my blood pressure skyrocket, got my requirements taken care of (I’m going through the DONA cert. process), and went back to my own doula community vowing never to leave their warm and loving embrace again.

  • Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it dangerous to get a tattoo when you’re pregnant?

    • admin says:


      If you look it up you’ll find lots of, “don’t eat cheese”, “don’t have sushi”, “don’t have a hot dog” and “don’t get a body mod” while pregnant. But this is heavily exaggerated and not really a risk that’s special for pregnancy.

      The “risk” of body mods while pregnant boils down to two primary arguments:
      1. you’ll get AIDS
      2. You’ll get so excited you’ll have a miscarriage.

      There is no research to back up #2. Otherwise we’d be having miscarriages when we were startled, saw a scary movie, had sex…
      The first one isn’t a pregnancy risk, that’s a “this is a shady, stupid place to get a tattoo” risk. If you’re at risk for getting AIDS from your tattoo artist I think it’s time to seriously question where you’re willing to go for it.

  • res_urrected says:

    J really is in that category of the happily, willfully ignorant. Wants nothing to do with research or reading or studies. It’s been a subject in our marriage counseling, lol.

    The Similac thing burns me bad, especially because right now they are the contractors for Maryland WIC. All our formula products are Similac, and now I find out they do all this shit? A freaking dog-poo cherry on top of a crap sundae of a day.

  • mammaopal says:

    Are you watching the new cycle of ANTM? There’s a girl with G cup breasts, and it’s shocking how well she dresses them. You forget that she’s the girl with big boobs until they bring it up in conversation. I find it fascinating.

    Look forward to seeing pictures of your new tattoo!

  • Do you think you’ll fit size small motherhood pants?
    I have one pair of jeans and one pair of black cords.

    I never did out grow a size XS so I only wore them when I was desperate.
    No sense keeping them since they are just going to annoy me through another pregnancy because they just won’t stay up :p

    I’ve tried to give them away countless times but everyone either needs a medium or an XS.

    • admin says:

      I have definitely gone up in size, and I fit a small now. I just bought a pair of pants from Thyme tonight on sale and they were smalls. The XS still fits, but it’s slim enough that I’m pretty sure if I gain a bit of weight in my thighs it won’t fit anymore. Send away!!

  • skyrose says:

    Ugh. I’ve been spending the last almost month arguing with insurance companies about my son’s ADHD medicine. The insurance company decided that he shouldn’t be on the medication that he’s been doing well with for 18 months that the doctor recommended. They’ve decided that he has to try these other medicines that have nasty side effects and addiction possibilities. For a 7 year old. We now have to “prove” that he really needs the other medicine by letting him fail on these other medications before allowing him back on the one that was working right. I just want to scream. It’s painful to see him go through these medication issues and suffer. I totally feel for your mother — and all of the others who have to “prove” they need medicines and equipment.

    Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS!!! I swear, everyone I know is pregnant is seems. You’re the 4th or 5th person this week who has announced a pregnancy. I am so excited for you.

    I can’t wait to see the picture of your tattoo. That sounds absolutely beautiful! πŸ™‚ The worst part of having my tattoos was waking up in the middle of the night and laying on it (my newest one is on my arm — it’s actually my FB profile pic if you’re curious http://www.facebook.com/JanetGreenley). Thankfully it doesn’t take that long to heal. πŸ™‚

    • admin says:

      The ADHD thing… man, I so so so so know what you mean. We had a very similar situation with the Aspergers diagnosis. And we chose not to let her fail, which is why we’re now not allowed to get her the help she truly needs. πŸ™

  • My tattoo only hurt for a an hour or two afterward – it kind of felt like a bad sunburn.

  • altarflame says:


    felt like getting a cat scratches on skin that has been slapped

    It’s a good thing you’re a crazy cat person who likes spanking or we might never have known how to imagine the sensation.

    Exhaustion is my one unifying symptom from all of my pregnancies. Anytime I get really tired in normal life Grant’s like, squinting at me suspiciously :p

  • I loved your last rant/entry.

    We are on Medicaid and I can relate, we’ve also acquired many nice things using bartering. People think it’s the end of the world Having a modest income.

    Will you be able to continue your pain meds while your pregnant? Oh CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    I bet it’s a girl.

  • Wow. That tattoo sounds great. I can’t wait to see pics. I am so happy for you being pregnant. I hate to sounds like and idiot but I heard somewhere that tattoo people will not touch you if you are pregnant. I thought that was a little silly, but … I don’t know about that stuff.

    It looks like we are both expecting. I found out Monday night. πŸ™‚ Congrats to us both. I need to do some major major research. I feel so out of the loop. It’s been almost 7 years.

    I want to get on board with a good sling & talk to a doc about doing a vaginal delivery after 2 cesareans. Mostly everyone says that is going to be impossible, but I have my appointment on the 29th, so it will be discussed. I am a way more confident person now that I am older. My neighbor also said she had a doula and loved her because she told the doc that she did not need a c-section because all she had to do was swivel her hips to get the baby turned the right way and it worked!!

    Ok.. i am rambling. I really like reading your posts. Congrats again, Jen

  • alathia says:

    congratulations on the pregnancy! here’s to a healthy and happy nine months. <3 to you and the little bean.

  • ppplmgwiw says:

    “All personal preferences aside, isn’t it just more comfortable to know what the fuck you’re doing?”

    Yeah. Apparently a lot of people really don’t feel that way. This is something that astounds me constantly.

    Also, did I ever tell you about the comment a student left on ratemyprofessor.com after taking a summer class with me when I was pregnant with Annika? I was something like 7.5/8 months, and I had huge boobs. They were big before, so they just got bigger, and it was August and there is NO WAY to cover those suckers up without looking stupid and/or being swelteringly hot, so I wore the most tasteful and flattering maternity clothes I could find. Some kid, however, decided to write (I paraphrase, but it was close to this): “Professor was a bitch but she has nice cleavage.”

    O_o I stopped reading ratemyprofessor after that. And, yeah, who isn’t a bitch in August when they are nearly 8 months pregnant? For serious.

  • devilgrrl says:

    I almost commented on the previous entry, but rethought it since I am also cranky and pregnant and it was pretty much a long complaint about how I pay out of pocket for Medicaid, ironically the same as buying private insurance, because I “made too much” before I was out on disability and subsequently laid off because I was out too long. The only thing about the “patient” that offended me, honestly, was that she smoked. Everything else, to me, could be easily explained, but smoking drives me crazy.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to work nursing bras and their high gore under all the super low cut nursing tops that seem to be out there. There are no options for larger nursing bras, it seems.

  • crunchynurse says:


    I’m new here but I have been reading for a few months and I just wanted to wish you congrats on your pregnancy. I’m TTC also. I have 2 boys and I have been TTC another baby for about 4 years.

  • omfg…your rant on big boobs is so dead on. scoop neck = whorebag, DUH!

    +1 internets to you for making me want to give a standing ovation to something on livejournal twice in one day πŸ˜‰

  • the_leh says:

    I really can’t agree with you more on the class stuff…I grew up on welfare. In one of the richest counties in CaliforniaAmerica. Good times.

    I left Mothering. That place is ridiculous now. You ask how you can have a conversation there? You can’t. It’s so beyond fucked their is an entire forum dedicated to how fucked it is. Seriously.

  • azdesertrose says:

    Ugh, that Similac thing is enough to make me scream. I got enough flak from my erstwhile in-laws about nursing Mini-me without having to put up with that kind of horse shit.

    Congrats again on Baby #4! I’m squeeing for you!

  • you’re acting strange, are you pregnant?

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