Behold, I finally got some real work done and finished my favourites from Marian and Kyla’s wedding last month. Lots and lots of photos within.

It’s unfortunate, but doing weddings regularly has shown me that very few couples are really that into each other on their wedding day. It’s rare that I photograph a couple that’s more in love with each other than they are with the celebration going on around them. I rarely see couples that are so comfortable with each other that they’ll openly kiss, cuddle and stare into each other’s eyes even when not prompted by clinking of glasses. Most of the couples seem much more immersed in keeping the schedule than in celebrating their love.
Which is why it’s so wonderful to be present at weddings like theirs. Not only as a photographer, but as a friend. Because couples like this?… reaffirm my love of love. If all weddings were like this, I’d want to do them 24/7.

Rainbows, rainbows, everywhere.

I love this: they clasped their hands together in the exact same way as they said vows.

This is the gift of technology: a family member webcamming the entire wedding for grandma who couldn’t make it, and is sitting at home. This is beautiful.

Ezzie the dog is moved.

Mom and dad crying in the front row.

My favourite family portrait to date.

Waiting for the (rainbow!) cake to be cut.

Freja noms the rainbow cupcakes.

And some extras of my kids enjoying the festivities. Especially Xan, because he’s become such an insane stage hog lately. When the dancing started Curtis had to physically restrain Xan to keep him off the stage. When they finally reached a point where he could come up, he acted like they’d been waiting the whole evening for his presence.


“My people! I’M HERE!”

He continued to dance with himself for hours, until forced off the stage when we had to go home.

Also for added lulz… I thought this picture would make a perfect macro as soon as I saw it on the LCD:

om nom nom




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