To celebrate our gorgeous spring, I took a walk by myself to the beach the other night around seven in the evening. I love that part of the day when the sun was just starting to go down, but it’s still warm enough to walk around without being frozen by the ocean’s breeze.

I took a few images at the beach to work on my photo mojo. I’m above-averagely happy with them, but I could have found some nicer spots if I was more motivated, I think.

Forts made of driftwood were all over the beach. This one had two rooms, a chair and a ‘flag’ out the top with a shoe on it. Some were large enough for a small person to stand up in.

About a year ago my mother gave me the ring my father gave her as an anniversary present when they were still married. It doesn’t fit her anymore, and she has long since lost her emotional attachment to it, but it is still worth something to me… I’ve been wearing it on my right hand middle finger ever since.
I have so many memories of looking at her hands and seeing this ring when I was little. I used to pinch the skin on the knuckle above the ring to see if she had aged; my grandmother told me her skin would stay pinched because she was old, and it had lost elasticity. I was so afraid that one day I’d be able to do it to my mom’s hand too, and that would mean she was going to die soon. A huge portion of the memories of my mother have to do with her hands: checking her expiration date, counting freckles or rearranging the garnet ring on her middle finger.

At the beach I took it off and posed it on a blade of thick grass growing between two large pieces of driftwood. I wanted to ensure I had at least one good photo of it, just in case. My engagement ring’s emerald stone fell out somewhere between moves across the province, and I only had one very small image of it that I took by literally scanning my hand in a flatbed scanner. I don’t want that to happen to this ring, too.
It seems like a silly thing to take pictures of, since you wear it, but I felt better knowing I’ve documented it.

I made sure to get one of my wedding ring, too. It was my grandmother’s ring: she bought it from a consignment store during the Depression. She saved up for months, foregoing toothpaste and various other small household products in order to make sure she could have something beautiful. It cost her $30, and is made of white and yellow gold, with six diamonds.
When she was still alive I always told her I’d wear it when I got married, and I was so happy it fit my fingers so perfectly when I did. I never imagined wearing anything else.


Bullkelp. Those who aren’t from this area never seem to recognize this seaweed. We used to swing them around or sing into them like microphones as kids. They’re abundant on Island beaches.

Onto the children…
Tempest enjoys her bubble tea on our way back home from treat day. It was her turn to choose what they could enjoy as their special treat last Wednesday, and they hadn’t had Bubble Tea in a while.

Yesterday LC stopped by in the afternoon with Aaliyah. Freja was with her dad, who was taking her to a movie. Curtis agreed to watch Aaliyah for us on a playdate with Xan while we went to the coffee shop, caught up and discussed future business plans. We’re both at a very similar place with our entrepreneurship: it’s frustrating, exciting, depressing, fun and difficult all at once.

After a few hours of chatting and drawing rough sketches on slips of paper, we went back to the house to play with the kids for a little while longer.

Not long after that, Jon came back with Freja, and Tempest came home from school. The house was absolutely packed with screaming children playing with every single toy they could get their hands on.

Tempest and Freja embraced in a huge hug upon seeing each other. After some giggling, Freja attempted to pick her up… and succeeded. There was a moment where they both stared at each other in slack-jawed amazement.
Then Tempest picked Freja up off the ground. More laughing. They went back and forth, picking each other up, for a good ten minutes. It’s absolutely hilarious to watch kids discover the incredible feats of their own bodies for the first time. Even though they’re several years apart, they have similar strength.

I love this image.

Xan was a grumpy butt through half the visit because Aaliyah was touching his sparkly ball. He’s reached the age where nothing can be shared ever, lest you pay the consequences.

He especially hates it if I try to take his picture while he’s grumpy. Which only makes me want to do it more.

He recovered quickly and then took off down the hall. Tempest watched Xan go, turned to Freja and asked, “Do you want to play tag?”
She nodded.
“IT!” she screamed, tapping her shoulder. The three ran around the couch in circles and then bolted past a very confused Aaliyah:

They didn’t stay long, so I tried to get them all together for a portrait. Aaliyah was having none of it, so unfortunately she wasn’t included. But I love, love, love the one I did get.

It makes it even better to know that Freja has been going on for months about “When Xan and I get married…”. We’re taking bets now on when they’ll finally start dating.

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