Anyone want to help me out with a title? Because you guys all rock?

After doing several private stints, I’m going to expand into marketing for birth photography. I’m not kidding when I say it calls to me… to the point where if I had to chose between weddings and birth, knowing both could sustain me, I’d go with birth in a heartbeat.
I’ve spent literally all of today doing market research, contacting local midwives, doulas, gathering information and opinions, and making up advertising materials.
I’d really like a title for birth photography (e.g. I’ve been calling my couples sessions “Connection”) to put on my marketing cards… but I’m stumped. My first thought was “Celebrate Birth” photography, but, I don’t know… it’s kind of cheesy and not exactly what I’m going for.

I’m advertising exclusively with the midwife and doula community, and I feel very strongly about supporting that relationship. I’ve been really fortunate to have gained a fantastic working friendship with many of the midwives here. Just yesterday I got a call from one who asked me if I would doula one of their clients who was going into labour that afternoon. She’d heard that I was present as a “doula” for several people’s births and was awesome. I did do that a few times, but not because I was paid for it! It was a really nice compliment though, and she said some really beautiful things to me on the phone before she left (said client ended up not wanting a presence at her birth so she didn’t follow-up).

Anyway… I’m going for a whole image that reflects high-end photography (rather than somebody’s cheesey boutique thing) that cares a lot about capturing an absolutely amazing event in a sensitive, but passionate way.
I just need a name for it.





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