Curtis had his last day of work until surgery today. It worked out that way half on purpose and half by mistake due to the slowing work schedule over the fall and winter. With the likelihood of him getting sick working in a hotel everyone urged him to take time off beforehand to ensure he’s in good health when it comes up, as we really can’t delay it any longer. The last time he got sick it lasted five weeks – and that’s with antibiotic treatment.
Naturally today would be the shift I hate; he’s gone until 6pm. Xan was an absolute monster – which always happens when Curtis works late. He loves his dad in ways that drive me up the fucking wall.

We went out to collect leaves and branches for a new wreath and ended up leaving without doing a damn thing after he would not listen and a time out failed miserably. I ended up actually following through with the “we will go home if you don’t stop” threat. I got home and threw him in the bedroom and said, “Go to sleep.”
Then he did. So I did too. Tempest played a reading game on the computer while I napped for an hour and a half. I was unimpressed.

But, at least she behaved herself.

“My time out over?”

Bonus: Pictures from the awesome client session yesterday. I love these guys. They were so cuddly and fun. They love that cute baby to death.

An interesting note: they were married under this tree in the park. It was absolutely perfect that they stopped to nurse little baby to sleep beneath it.




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