Curtis went through his steroid treatment, the only excitement was a terrible case of the hiccups that has lasted about three days straight with only a few small breaks.
He goes to bed hiccuping, he eats hiccuping, he’s even hiccuping in his sleep… it’s really actually kind of awful. Hopefully this is some sort of bizarre side effect from the pills and will stop shortly, because I think he’s just about to lose his mind.
(Edit: if home remedies to cure the hiccups would work, he wouldn’t have them for three whole days. πŸ™ There are actually papers out there on the topic because it causes incurable hiccups while the drug is active, even shots of botox and other similar “emergency” cures didn’t take it away (in the papers, not in Curtis’ case – no botox for him). His went away 16 about hours after the last dose).

Other than that, he’s been fine. We won’t know if it “worked” or how well it worked for a little while yet, he has more blood tests and then we have to wait to hear the results. How well he responded to this round will lead into when his spleenectomy will be.

I had a fantastic wedding on Sunday, and I was so excited to start working on it I already have a sneak peek ready.

I started at their apartment, so I could get a few shots of the bride’s vintage gown: her mother and grandmother both wore it, and she had it tailored to be a cropped, summer dress. It still has all the original whale boning in the bodice. Totally awesome.

They were up at the university, which I’ve heard is an incredibly easy-going chapel. However, the priest expressly forbid me to take photos during the ceremony. That means everything: first sight, the kiss, the vows, the exchange of rings… all of it missed.
This is the first time I’ve ever encountered that. I was sneaky and managed to get a few so that I could at the very least capture the kiss, but I literally had to stick my camera into the aisle while still seated with the rest of the family, so the composition is mediocre at best – but at least I got it!

After the ceremony, being loved on by their fantastic family.




Brotherly love.

Love this one.

We rushed through the bridal pictures so they could catch a pedicab (a bicycle cab) to the hotel from downtown. Originally they wanted to take the city bus, but the scheduling would end up forcing the guests to wait a really long time to eat, so they had to scrap it. Too bad because that would have been really awesome.

First time shooting rings with the Sunpak video light.

I like.

The bride’s father was the MC and made some hilarious and fantastic speeches.

They didn’t have a cake, so instead they “cut” a Jenga-like pile of little boxes of chocolates; two for each guest.

Which, by the way, were amazingly delicious.

I was so incredibly nervous going into this wedding; it’s the first wedding of the season and I’m terribly jittery, thinking something is going to go horribly wrong. I didn’t even cash their payment until the day after because I was so paranoid.
Now after doing my first pass through the photos I am so freakin’ excited to make their album, especially since I just received my first studio sample from the company and now I know how absolutely stunning they turn out.
I’m going to be ordering a bunch of studio samples for the expo I’m doing this fall, which is baby/pregnancy oriented so almost everything I need to do up is in aimed at that market. With that in mind, I made a design based on MJ’s pregnancy, birth and her baby’s seven week portraits. It turned out so amazingly awesome. So worth it.

Check this out:

I know, right? I can’t wait until I have more clients who order books like this because they are so much fun to design and are just so damn gorgeous. The spreads, oh the spreads, the colours are just rich and gorgeous. It’s like I want to molest it. Which I can do, because even though the pages don’t look like they’re glossed they’re actually incredibly durable and not only don’t take fingerprints, but are actually water-resistant, so if you spill shit on them you can just run the book under your tap and wash it off with no damage or lasting effect. How about that? That’s quality, dude.

Links of the Day:
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White flour? Tight showers? Wife power? – The KKK get humiliated… by clowns.
A different kind of consent form – For all of you who were denied your VBAC, a consent form for your doctor.




  • altarflame says:

    I don’t know how I missed this post, but WOW these are gorgeous. I am always floored by how clever and original your pictures manage to look, when it’s “just” a wedding, or a baby, or some other thing (couple, family, whatever) that we’ve all seen like a million times.

    And yeah, I would be having a blast with the book thing too.

  • facethemoon says:

    Wow those wedding photos are amazing!

    I am SO JEALOUS of the book! I so wish we could afford it right now. One day, but seriously, its beautiful! When we get back I can’t wait to see it in book form!!!! πŸ˜€

  • OHMYGOD, Xan looks HUGE in those pictures!

    And god, totally envious of those eyelashes! Why do boys always have the best eyelashes?! LOL

  • Men in kilts are sexy! These pics are FREAKING AWESOME. I love the hand holding one.

  • mami_chilena says:

    I pray everything goes well with Curtis. And good gawd woman wedding photos are just GORGEOUS !!! I am really endeared with your new logo … not sure why I JUST noticed it. Very toi! πŸ˜‰

    I am thrilled for you. Being in that expo will bring so many opportunities down your path, you won’t even know what to do with yourself. Your books look absolutely fabulous!

  • I sympathize with the hiccups to some extent, and I can’t imagine having them for that long. I’m glad to hear it’s over.

    I get hiccups almost every single time I drink alcohol (to excess). It always lasts a really long time and it’s awful. When I was in University we used to go to this little pub on campus, and I would invariably end up in a bathroom stall hiccuping because it was so loud and painful and embarrassing.

  • zeldazonk says:

    That second pic of Xan is mesmerizing.

    Your kids are so lucky to have you as a mom. On top of the other amazing thins about you, you have captured them at these moments that they can treasure forever. I wish more than anyhthing I had one photo of my mother or father as a child. Just one.

    • admin says:

      Thank you. πŸ™‚

      My father’s photos of me as a child were what inspired me into photography… I was so happy to have those when so many of my friends had faded yellow pictures that looked and felt dated and… well, “old”. The ones I have that my father took (and he was no professional, just a hobbiest) still look like they were taken yesterday. They may not be technically or compositionally mind-blowing, but it shows when they were taken with care and a quality camera. Having an entire album of those, growing up, was a lot of fun.
      Photos are a HUGE part of my family – we have an album from my mother’s side that dates back to 1860. Many of the oldest in there were taken on TIN.

      • zeldazonk says:

        That’s amazing! I have so many photos of myself as a baby and child, probably to overcompensate for my parents’ lack of photos. My mother’s first photo was her passport picture at age 11. My father’s is at 15. I have 2 photos of my paternal grandmother, and I am identical to her.

        My best friend has photos from her ancestors, too, on her hallway walls, and I’ve always told her how awesome it was to see the faces that make up your past.

  • I am still blown away, every time, at how talented you are.

    That second picture of your son made my heart pang.

  • Holy smokes! Is that the kind of album I’m going to get?!

  • Wow. Seriously, these are some of my FAVORITE shots ever.

    Dress kilts are SEXAY. Yes, cream in jeans, insta-drool sexy. Oh yeah.

    That looks like it was an incredibly fun wedding. You done good, Mama, you done good!

  • sprytaen says:

    Which company are you using for the books? I’ve been looking for a good one..

    • admin says:

      Vision Art and Bon Match.

      • sprytaen says:

        Maybe I’m just not seeing it, but.. does Vision Art list their pricing scheme?

        • admin says:

          No professional album company will (if they do, they aren’t great), they cater only to professionals and protect their product, and the photographer’s business, by carefully screening inquiries. In order to view price lists for quality album companies you need to give them all of your studio information (including website with portfolio) and become a “member” before you’re able to view pricing and ordering information.

          • sprytaen says:

            Okay.. can you suggest any other book companies that make a decent product for “non-professionals”? Or, someone just starting out?

            • admin says:

              Blurb is open to everyone, but honestly that’s the only one I know other than the stuff that most pro-labs offer (Digilabs has their own coffee table abums, as does WHCC, etc…).

              • sprytaen says:

                Okay, thanks πŸ™‚ A friend suggested Blurb, but hasn’t actually held one of their products. So I’m kind of wondering what they’re actually like, you know?

                • admin says:

                  I ordered a personal project through them once, and I’ve seen/held it. As I said above it’s neat and it’s about bookstore quality (or kinda, at least) but it can’t compare to the work of a professional company like VA or Renaissance, et all… there’s a really, really good reason those companies are not open to the public. πŸ™‚
                  If you’re only going for those kind of companies/books, you can hire design companies who have access to albums like that (red boot design is one, I believe – but they may work exclusively with Asuka, not sure) but if you’re happy with normal table books then Blurb is probably going to be just fine. πŸ™‚

              • There’s also My Publisher (never used them myself, though)

                And I found this one via Google the other day, seemed like it could be good for anyone located in Canada (and they have a discount+free shipping offer until June 15th)

  • Anonymous says:

    I understand if this is a taboo question, but where can you get a similar book printed? My sister is a budding professional and I’d love it if she could put something together like this for my wedding. The book we have is nice and high-quality, but water resistant? I wish!

    • admin says:

      Honestly I don’t know that you can.
      There are tons of places to get “albums” printed on the cheap that are just plain old coffee table books (Blurb, etc). And they’re neat but they do NOT compare to this kind of quality. It’s more like “book you bought at Chapters” kind of quality instead.

      To even see the price list and access the order forms you need to be screened by the company: you must be a professional photographer, and provide all your studio information (including website with portfolio). This is really important to protect photographers registered with them (as all pricing is highly confidential and the product becomes a reflection of the photographer’s work over the company).
      If your sister has a website and online portfolio she may be able to get in with this company to have a studio sample of your wedding done, in order to save on cost (it will still cost her several hundred dollars *at least*) but the album does have a big silver, “studio sample” stamp on the back.

  • noelove says:

    holy shit Heather. those shots are amazing. you caught some really great moments at that wedding. and what lovely colors the bride chose too. Love the green dresses on the bridesmaids.

    I love that you posted the pics of Xan too, Isaiah is currently passed out next to me on the couch. πŸ™‚

  • Omg, more amazingly gorgeous pictures. And those books… FANTASMICAL!!! Wow!!! So amazing!

    Hope Curtis’ hiccups go away!!!

  • mspurrmeow says:

    I love it when couples do their ceremonies in a unique way. Those two lovely folks don’t seem like they fit a lot of mainstream ideas, so it fits that they did a few awesomely weird things in there, too.

    Great photos!

  • lottiekate says:

    Beautiful photo’s. Mormons can get funny about taking pictures at a civil ceremony in one of their churches. I could never understand it, its like you’re missing the best bit. And no photo’s at all during their Temple marriages.

    • admin says:

      This wasn’t Mormon, it was Catholic.

      • lottiekate says:

        Ah yes, sorry, I’m tired, its late and my baby is insisting on access all areas on my chest. My thinking behind my comment was “oh mormon do that as well”. The one and only Catholic wedding I attended allowed photos during the ceremony but the priest was the brides brother

        • admin says:

          Dino Lara, a photographer I frequently read, does almost entirely Catholic ceremonies in the Philippians and I’ve never seen or heard him say he wasn’t permitted. So I think this was just this particular priest… who was otherwise really nice but I thought that was kind of odd.

          • If I twist my brain a certain way I suppose I could see the logic… that snapping photographs during a sacred ceremony could somehow be… inappropriate.

            Not that I agree. But I can kind of see why someone more religious than myself might feel that way.


          • Anonymous says:

            Is that really up to the priest though? I mean, when it comes down to it, he is hired to be at their wedding. Do you really have to listen to an officiant over a bride and groom? I mean, you’re hired by the bride and groom, he’s hired by the bride and groom, why does he get a say?

            • admin says:

              He essentially runs the show (the ceremony part) and honestly yeah, what he says goes generally… if he says, “no pictures” the bride and groom listen, unless they want to fire him and get another priest last minute, which can be difficult. Some priests won’t do certain ceremonies, or have arbitrary rules about what “has” to be in them in order for them to approve.
              Plus, maintaining a good relationship with the officiants is really important in what I do.

              Sometimes it just isn’t possible. There’s one or two local priests who are very well known for being UTTER AND COMPLETE ASSHOLES to the photographers. Always.
              But when you can, it’s good to be a good guy to everyone involved.

          • He was kind of odd. The overwhelming majority of Catholic ceremonies have no photographic stipulations in place. At my wedding, our photographer Kate actually got up on the altar to do a Rent A Crowd shot – no problems with the priest at all, because she’d made sure to clear it with him beforehand. He’s right there in the crowd shot.

            I think that this fellow might just be a bit old-school. Or maybe it was flash photography that he was objecting to?

          • Anonymous says:

            Completely unrelated but still..

            You mean, in the “Philippines?”

  • the_lissa says:

    I want to molest that book too.

  • tastyanagram says:

    I love, love, love these shots! The brotherly love one is great. And I would like to have a turn molesting that book when you’re all done.

    Glad to hear Curtis is doing well so far.

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