What does breastmilk taste like?

(Note: “Nur” is what he calls nursing, so “nurmilk” is breastmilk).

PS to the fellow nursing moms: can you believe I got that much out? Xan nurses about once every four or five days and my breast was so swollen this morning I actually had to pump. I got two whole ounces out. That’s insane: I thought I had nothing left!





  • autumnhawk says:

    Gideon likes to tell Amanda her “nanis” taste like chocolate, like Halloween candy, like “M Ms”. It’s a little embarrassing that he knows so much about candy, but I think he considers it quite a compliment to her.

  • florassecret says:

    Maddie just ended her nursing (Jan) and I still can pump a little bit. not 2 ounces though.
    Nur is so cute. He’s coined a new word.

  • bluealoe says:

    Sometimes I just want to kidnap Xan, take him home with me, and marvel at his adorableness.

    Then I remember his screaming fits…

  • robynz says:

    I got such a laugh out of that delirious mmmm he gave.

  • gardenmama says:

    Xan only nurses once every four or five days!?! Wow. I seriously need to get Nick down to only a couple times a day. He really ramped it up on this trip because every time he’d see Ezri nurse, he’d want to nurse, and vice versa. He even started calling it na-na, which is what she says. And she nursed a lot, since she had the stomach flu. Thankfully, neither I nor my boys caught it. But yeah, nursing every few hours all day long – with a 2-year-old – gets a bit old ๐Ÿ˜›

  • mrsdewees says:

    Mmmm…. teeeth.

    My daughter says it tastes like “snakes.”

    She had just gotten done watching Snakes on a Plane though, so maybe she’s biased?

  • jadethe2nd says:

    I wonder what it tastes like when you don’t have teeth yet? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • apers says:

    hahah that is so cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Aww! That was cute.

    Dude, like, 15 years from now, you guys are going to be SO busy.

      • Haha! That was totally OT, wasn’t it? *kicks attention span*

        You have two insanely gorgeous kids. Now that I think of it, I doubt it’ll be 15 years.

        • admin says:

          We’re positive Tempest is gay. We talk frequently about how we’ll be SHOCKED when she “comes out” as hetero and be all, “are you sure it isn’t just a phase, honey?”.

          Xan, on the other hand, is so obsessed with breasts there’s no way he’s not going to be a busy boy. He GREETS PEOPLE that come to our house by reaching down their shirt and twiddling. We are trying so hard to make him stop doing that.
          He calls Marika, “Meeka shiny nur” because the first time she came and stayed with us she wore this shirt that had a huge shining sequined patch over the chest for two days and every time he saw her he’d point and yell, “SHINY NURRRRR!” and then try and twiddle her. Lots of fun for a shy 14 year old.

          • “are you sure it isn’t just a phase, honey?”

            Damn, that made me laugh. How’s it going with her girlfriend? Those stories are so adorable!

            “Meeka shiny nur”

            XD Oh, poor Marika! But ahahahahaha!

            Both my kids are obsessed with boobs. I feel like I like in a frat house, some days.

            • admin says:

              She and Victoria play together every single day. All the time it’s like, “Well Victoria has that!”
              Like recently when she wanted to bring her tooth to school to show her friends I was really hesitant because I don’t want her to lose it, and she starts stomping her feet, “Victoria got to bring HER loose tooth to school and SHE showed EVERYONE!”.

              • So who won that round? My money’s on Tempest.

                • admin says:

                  Haha, it totally was. I let her bring it in a little corked jar and we practiced being careful opening it because I was so afraid she’d lose it. But she didn’t!

                  • Very cool. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m really paranoid about losing Tykie’s baby teeth, too, and she gets so irritated with me. She’s constantly reminding me, “They’re MY teeth!” We’ve got a little clasping box we keep them in. She’s about to lose her two top teeth front teeth, and I’m kind of excited. (The things I never realized I’d be jazzed about!) But kids are so cute with that gappy pumpkin grin!

          • jenrose1 says:

            My kid is 15 and I’ll be shocked if she ever tells me she’s straight. She still says “Bi”… but her one boy crush? Is gay. So YMMV.

            The other night she said that my telling her about my college queer days seemed like I was saying that it was just a phase for her.

            I told her…
            Really, it’s not. On the one hand, yes, the two most serious relationships I had with women… both of those women are now married to men. On the other hand, I know many many women who were married to men for years and then left their husbands to have lifelong relationships with women. A lesbian couple, both in their 70’s, lives next door to my parents. My sister’s midwife is a lesbian. Half the women I went to church with were lesbian.

            My whole point in telling her was to let her know I”m familiar with the issues and the community.

            Hell, when she told me she had a girlfriend, I sat them BOTH down and gave them The Sex and Relationship talk.

            Shiny still reaches and twiddles… she was weaned at 2 1/2. K nursed to age 6 but almost never twiddled.

            • admin says:

              I actually really hate the “it’s a phase” thing… so it’s cool to hear you say that.
              A LOT of people, even grown people, have said to me about being bisexual that it’s “just a phase” and if I only got it out of my system I would find I’m just magically not bi anymore.
              … or that I’m actually not because I’m in a relationship with a man.
              … or I’m just attracted to women because they’re pretty, and everyone feels like that, so I’m merely confused.
              … or that Curtis is at serious risk of me cheating, because bisexual people are promiscuous.
              … or that Curtis is likely to have a threesome, because bisexual people are promiscuous.

              The list goes on… There is a LOT of stigma about being bisexual that I absolutely fucking loathe. The truth is Curtis is my sole exception. If not for him, I’d say I was a lesbian. I believe he’s my soul mate, and that transcends gender and preference. Like my mother’s first husband Curt, who was gay but loved her with all his heart. He died from complications of HIV and she still pines for him.

              • gardenmama says:

                You’re just attracted to women because they’re pretty. That made me lol. Men aren’t pretty. Hello, have you ever looked at a penis? The things I find attractive in a woman aren’t generally the things that men find “sexy” about women.

              • jenrose1 says:

                For me, I tried very hard to be a lesbian but kept fantasizing about men, so that didn’t work very well. I’m about 90% straight, which makes me functionally heterosexual. I’m not poly. Have tried, just flat out don’t have the energy.

                My experiences in the gay community taught me that we really do NOT have control over our sexual preference. Like I said, I tried, and failed.

  • j_lew says:

    well, there you go, it tastes like teeth!

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