Huge massive overload of overdue pictures. In a post.

Egg hunt in the yard.

Tempest watches over her shoulder to ensure Xan isn’t getting more than she is.

Dying and stickering eggs at home.

Opening the GIANT Kinder Egg that we hid in the yard.

Tempest insisted the hard-boiled eggs "smell funny".

Random egg photos after Tempest started peeling the shells off to eat them.

The weather was amazing; it got up to 20 degrees for the first time this season, and everyone felt good, so as promised we took a walk down to the beach and spent our first ‘summer evening’ there building sand castles.
While we were there a woman and her large family, all dressed in jeans and white t-shirts, came out and set up a camera and various equipment for a photo shoot on a log. I was right next to where they set up, holding my camera and equipment and taking pictures of my family and occasionally looked over and smiled, being curious about other photographers. I have no idea who she is, which means she’s probably not anyone ‘big’ here; just a local Craigslist photographer or whatnot.
After she was finished with the lighting, she asked her husband something, and he walked right by me and over to a group of young mothers and said, "Can one of you ladies take our picture?" because their camera remote was missing.

Curtis leaned over to me, "Why do you think she didn’t ask the woman with all the camera equipment right next to her?". It was kind of odd.
The husband and photographer-wife sat on a driftwood log kissing, staring into each other’s eyes while all the kids watched, looking up into the air down the beach and various other cheesy posing while a very uncomfortable looking young woman held a wired trigger and pushed it every time the assumed-photographer said, "Cheese!". They were still going by the time we left, 30 minutes later, after screaming at their children every 5 minutes.
Believe me, I get it when the kids don’t behave for a photo shoot that you desperately want… but generally people are more discreet in public. It was uncomfortable to just about everyone within earshot.

The pictures I got were few and far between, since my kids were also not behaving. I only snapped a few random images at the beach.

…But I did get lots as they went home into the sunset.

Tempest was scooting along the street when suddenly this cat just ran out of a yard, stood in front of her and cried out for attention. She immediately dropped her scooter and went over to give it some serious loving. When I got close the cat ran off, but came back when I took a step back and Tempest came back over. It just loved her. We must have spent ten minutes here while she scritched the kitty.

Loose teeth!

.. well you can’t tell in the picture, but BOTH her front bottom teeth are now loose! I’m so excited. She’s excited. Just a few weeks ago she sat on the couch and cried because she had no loose teeth, and all her friends did, and she wanted to be ‘a big girl, too’. It was heart-wrenching.
Now she has TWO!
We talked about the mythos of the tooth fairy and I told her what I used to do as a kid (my mom would put a glass of water next to my bed with the tooth in it, so the "fairy" had to dive in to get it. Then when I woke up in the morning the glass would be filled with glitter and food colouring, or ‘fairy dust’. Then there’d be a loonie [a one-dollar coin] at the bottom of the glass). We all knew it was pretend but it didn’t stop me from loving it. Tempest just loved that idea, also knowing it’s pretend, and wants to do it that way instead of tooth under the pillow like Curtis did. So now she can’t wait for them to fall out.

I think I’m more excited than she is. I ask her every day if I can see them again.

(I love this bamboo bush by our house, I’ve always wanted to do more portraits there, but we didn’t have time for anything but a quick, "Stop! Let me snap a picture!" last night. I loved that light).




  • gardenmama says:

    Lol. Did Scott tell you all about his loose teeth? He’s got one permanent one coming in behind one of the ones on the bottom, both bottom ones wiggle, and one of the top ones wiggle now too. A few weeks ago he didn’t have any loose teeth either!

  • briannablade says:

    I love these pictures!! I especially love the first one of Tempest after the egg pictures. It’s awesome. πŸ˜€ I also really love your new icon.

  • Hard-boiled eggs do smell funny. Maybe it’s an ASD thing but at about 9 or 10 I finally told my mother that we had to stop doing them because they smell.

  • evewholies says:

    Your compositions make me happy <3

  • bluealoe says:

    I absolutely cannot get over how grown-up Xan looks. Wasn’t he a baby just, like, a month ago?! Now he’s a little boy. =/

    The second egg picture, with the green shell, is stunning.

    The woman asking a random stranger to take picture while saying “cheese” is very odd, and rather creepy.

    I am so incredibly jealous of your weather. Here the snow is just barely beginning to melt (it’s been an abnormally long winter) and it’s all wet and slushy and muddy and icky outside. I wanna go to the beach! Hell, I just want to see something *green*.

    The pictures of Tempest with the bamboo bush are great. The lighting is fantastic, the colors are so vivid, and Tempest is adorable. πŸ™‚

  • wendytthomas says:

    Piper *just* started losing her teeth. She’s lost her bottom two, both since we’ve moved to Seattle (one about a month ago, one this past week). She ended up pulling both of them out. LOL I can’t stand very loose teeth. Gross gross gross. She lost her first tooth, but her second is in a tupperware on the table next to me. We don’t do the tooth fairy either, so Piper hasn’t asked to get or do anything special for her teeth. Which is fine by me. πŸ™‚

  • superflippy says:

    I’m amused to hear that even up in Canada families do the everyone-in-white-tees-at-the-beach photo. I wonder if that’s also popular in Australia, Spain, England, etc. or if it’s a North American thing?

    For their 40th anniversary, my parents are getting all children, spouses, and grandchildren together and taking a big family photo (no small feat – sis’s crew flying in from Belgium). My mom asked for my input on where it should be and how we should dress. I told her wherever she wanted was fine, as long as it wasn’t sitting on driftwood on the beach wearing white t-shirts.

  • eiretamicha says:

    I see freckles on Tempest’s nose!!! I ♥ freckles! She is so adorable. πŸ™‚

    • admin says:

      I know! She’s getting freckles like me. πŸ™‚
      My mother is covered head to toe in them and we’ve always wondered if Tempest will be covered the way she is. She said her skin was clear until she was 3 or 4 and then she just… burst out in them!

  • ajlinda says:

    did you knit that purse thing Tempest is using to collect her eggs? What do they think about the story of a rabbit leaving eggs? I’ve never met a kid who thought it was strange, until they were too old to believe in the easter bunny.

  • daylin1985 says:

    I love your icon <3. Pictures are great as always. And i love what your mom did with the tooth fairy!!! Must try that when my kids loose their teeth. My son is 3 and terrified of his teeth falling out lol.

  • Ah, your kids are just gorgeous. And Xan suddenly looks so old. I sat here gaping at the portraits of him for about two straight minutes just going “He looks like a little boy, not a baby, when did that happen??”

    I seem to recall my mother being astonished and disturbed when I got my first loose tooth at five. She seemed to think it was really young to be losing baby teeth. I advised her that it wasn’t, but I don’t think she believed me at the time. We always put our teeth in a little egg-cup that was only ever used for putting teeth in, and the tooth fairy left us money in the cup. Interestingly, the denomination increased depending on the tooth – incisors were a middling fifty cents and front molars were a dollar, but the real moneymakers were the bigger back molars, which netted us a cool $2. It was a lot of money to a little kid!!

    They told me the truth about the tooth fairy when I was eleven. The response was something along the lines of “No kidding, really?”, funnily enough…

  • florassecret says:

    that’s so rocking she loves cars and boy shirts.
    For loose teeth, Jocelyn was over 6 before she lost her first tooth.

  • You make some gorgeous children! πŸ™‚ Tempest’s eyes are such an amazing, beautiful color and I love Xan mugging for the camera. He just looks SO happy!

  • Anonymous says:

    That B+W of Tempest at the beach is so beautiful. She looks like Thora Birch.

  • I totally love that gorgeous colour Tempest close-up. Gorgeous.

    Someone asked a random stranger to stand there and take pics for over 30 mins? Um…

  • mrsdewees says:

    Beautiful pictures, as always.

    You often have that certain really neat colouring to your pictures (like in the 2nd one). How do you get that?

    Tempest has the most gorgeous eye colour!

    • admin says:

      The colouring in the second, and others, I do favour. πŸ™‚ It’s a sort of desaturated vintagey look. I do it in Lightroom. I can’t really tell you how I do it, because it needs to be done a little differently for each photo. I have a basic preset I made for the first step, but every different lighting set needs to be adjusted some to make it look right.
      I use it heavily during NILDMTS sessions, so it’s named something in reference to them.

      • mrsdewees says:

        I just recently signed up to do the NILMDTS shoots here. A nearby hospital became a level-3 NICU so they were asking around for volunteers. I figured I’d have a lot of b&w photos, but that desaturated look you do… it’s perfect. Do you mind telling me what basic preset you use? (if it’s too much, don’t worry – I’m sure I could figure it out eventually, but I do think how they turn out is awesome)

  • Tempest all done up for her scooter is the CUTEST thing I’ve ever seen. I love the bamboo bush, too. Lovely.

  • robynz says:

    Yay! I love me some picture posts! I can’t get over how wonderful Tempest looks in that first colour picture in her helmet. What amazing eyes!!

  • ajlinda says:

    your neighborhood is cool. Love how you can just walk to the beach. Maybe the other woman thought you’re a professional and would want to charge her to snap her family pics.

  • zeldazonk says:

    Your photos…they are of the most simple things, and yet they make everything seem so amazing. IDK, you’ve got such talent.

  • You have the two most gorgeous kids ever alive! Beautiful stuff. πŸ™‚ I also really, really like that tooth faerie idea. Teeth under pillows just aren’t as much fun. πŸ™‚

    Awesome stuff. πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous says:

    ahh Tempest is such a freaking GORGEOUS girl! For some reason, she looks younger than usual to me in some these photos? And I love Xan’s hair… little boys with buzz cuts look weird.

    I am SO JEALOUS of your giant Kinder egg! They’re not available in the US (something about choking hazards), but I still have sweet memories of my aunt mailing me them for holidays when she lived in Germany.

  • just_shoe_me says:

    Yay for Tempest’s loose teeth! πŸ™‚ I like the idea of how your mom collected the tooth when you were a kid… very cool.

    Those pictures are gorgeous. the close-up of Tempest where you can see your reflection in her eyes…actually gave me chills, it was so good. I also love Xan peeking back from the stroller. πŸ™‚

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