Here I thought that because this photographer does such good work, that something she appeared in to talk about her skills would be helpful and interesting. Alas, the maternity portrait special was full of extremely helpful tips like, “Keep focus on the belly” (no… really? Is that why we’re here?), it was unfortunately not exactly what I was hoping for.
I love seeing footage of professionals in action, but not when they’re aiming their tutorials at people who can barely find the ‘on’ switch.

Earlier today I was reading an article earlier about transgendered people in China, and how progressive the view there has been regarding them. Apparently an incredibly successful (and hot, imho) model is MTF transgender (DAY-YUM – even Curtis agrees).
Apparently one MTF woman won the regional “Miss Universe” pageant, but was unable to go to the next level because the country where it was being held, Ecuador, would not allow her to continue as a legitimate contestant (and winner) because she was born a man; she was called an “artificial female”, and then banned. You know, if her legal standing is as a woman, what the hell are you to care?
It’s like how they made such a big deal out of Isis, the transgendered contestant on America’s Next Top Model. There are a lot of transgendered models, it’s not like she’s the first. Then again, Tyra has this weird God complex that requires her to assume she (and her shows) are a really big deal.
I’m not saying I won’t still be tuning in, though. Shameless.

Today is the first of two dental appointments for Curtis. This one is to fill a cavity and replace another that’s breaking apart. That’s always good: being told your metal and mercury filling breaking into pieces, some to be swallowed. Yummy.
His next appointment will be in a few weeks, and is much more complicated. He has impacted molars, two of which keep popping in and out and because they’re way back there in a place he can’t reach. Normally this wouldn’t be that big of a deal, my mom is 61 and has several impacted molars that she’s never needed to do anything about, but both of his have tiny little cavities in them. When they recede back under the gum they continue to decay, and he can’t physically reach the area where the little tiny bit of tooth occasionally shows through.
He had his checkup in December and was told he’ll need to have them extracted to prevent any serious damage (like abscessing) because it’s just not possible to fill the cavities, both because of the position of the teeth and because they keep going in and out of the gum with only teeny amounts showing through. They’re going to have to cut open his gum and surgically remove them, and as far as I know that’ll be done in office, which means we have to pay for it. Hooray! We’re kind of secretly hoping that it’ll either be more complicated than they originally thought, or Curtis’ blood disorder will make them have to take special precautions that lead to the surgery being done in a hospital. Then it’s 100% covered, just like my initial dental surgery back when I was 15. My allergies to all the typical anesthesia led them to have to deal with all my post-treatment cavities in the hospital under general anesthetic – as a result it gets completely covered instead of only partially, as all hospital visits are taken care of under BC Med (Yay Canada!).
At least these dentists don’t mind putting payments on layaway.

At this moment I’m typing from the food court (damn them for charging for wireless! I firmly believe internet access should be free), where I await Curtis’ cotton-mouthed phone call telling me all his work is done so we can go back home. Mom is watching the kids and has suddenly and inexplicably come down with a serious case of toothache, so it’ll be her turn immediately after we get back. Thankfully I’m done with my dental visits for this year (and ideally forever, other than checkups).

Curtis was released about an hour later. He was complaining about the freezing, and said that he was sure he looked “like an idiot” because he couldn’t feel his face. It wasn’t that bad, just one side of his mouth was a little droopy when he smiled and talked. However after he stopped concentrating on his speech clarity, it was clear he was starting to mumble and slur.
Once we got in the car he started talking animatedly and then it really came out. I started giggling and mimicked him. “Thmtimeth?” (his garbled, cotton-mouted “sometimes”).
“You thee! This izz why I’m not going thor the innerview!” he lisped, referring to a job interview to pick up some part time shifts until his shifts improve at the hotel. “I thound like I’m mentally retarded.”
I was howling with laughter, tears streaming down my cheeks. He slapped my shoulder repeatedly.
“THUTUP”. I laughed harder.
“They migh’ give me the job becauths ‘ey freel thorry for me. Buh thah’s not how I wan’ to get a job!”
I was bent over, hands covering my face, shaking in silent laughter.
“THUT. UP.” He smacked my shoulder again. “You think I’m thupid.”
“I don’t think you are stupid, I think you sound stupid.”
He held his mouth open in a sort of semi-grin and started talking with it held there, “If I hold my lips open like this I sound normal.”
He turned to me to show me. He looked like some sort of deranged mannequin with his droopy, gleaming, psychotic-looking smile plastered on his face as he drove down the road. Other drivers looked a little freaked out as they passed.
“Okay I take it back, you are stupid.”

A few minutes later he cried out, “Ow!”
“What’d you do?”
“I think I bit mythelf.”
“Stop fucking around, you’re going to hurt yourself.” He was gnawing on his lip lightly.
“It wath an accidenth! I’m really numb.” He hit his cheek for effect. Then thought about it a little more, and kept hitting it over and over. “I can’t feel a thing!” He caught my curious glance. “THUTUP I’M NOT THUPID.”

Most fun I have ever had driving home.





  • Hey there- I have a random question for you. You once posted a link to this really amazing photography site that had pictures of animals and people together.. do you remember what one I mean? What’s the link to that?

    • admin says:

      Oh shit I totally know which site you mean! It had fucking INCREDIBLE photos of people interacting with wild animals – all wild, (although some partially domesticated by proxy of humans) and the project took 15 years to complete and they travel around showing it in this amazing construction of recycled materials. Downtown the art shop was selling a GIANT print of one of the best photos (a boy with the eagle wings behind his back).
      Um… ashes and… something. Ashes and snow?

      *going to Google*

      Yup, that’s it:

      • YES! Yay!! I looked at it for hours one night and was actually crying. So amazing.

        Thank you!!

        • admin says:

          Oh I know. I just start sobbing every time I see those photos. The whole project, the whole idea, everything about it is just fucking amazing. Can you imagine being one of those people in the photos. Waiting there for hours, hours, maybe even days until the animals begin to curiously approach you and start to interact on this level they’ve never been able to before. I would just be so moved, so amazingly moved. I wouldn’t be able to stop crying.

  • That Chinese model is awesome. Good for her!

    Curtis made me laugh too. πŸ˜€ Gotta love dentistry.

  • florassecret says:

    you drive?
    and I laughed really hard with this story.

    • admin says:

      I’m starting to drive again.
      However, no Curtis drove himself home. He had nothing but a local anesthetic, his mouth was just numb.

      • florassecret says:

        that’s great news, I am also a learner, I got my L about a month ago, I haven’t had the time to drive. We’re thinking of doing a road trip to Memphis Tn next year. So I will need my license, as Ger will not want to do all the driving.

        PS I haven’t had the time to say anything but your last few sessions blew my mind. great work. wonderful subjects too.

  • the dentist story is hilarious. i needed the laugh.

    as to the transgendered, there’s a MTF transperson on this season of MTV’s The Real World. I’ve been watching because i actually KNOW this person in real life. it’s interesting what the show portrays her as and how she gets along with her roommates. i wish this country were as progressive about sex and sexuality as Europe and Asia are.

  • It he thill shupid this moning?

  • j_lew says:

    shame they cant be so progressive when it comes to the disabled.

  • bluealoe says:

    Remind me to tell you my wisdom teeth story sometime. (It wasn’t that bad, but drugged-out-Emily is quite interesting. Or so I’m told.)
    Last year I had a dentist appointment to fill some cavities, and immediately afterwards had a doctor appointment. So I show up at the clinic with one side of my mouth all puffed out and numb and I could barely talk. I had a hard time convincing the doctor that I was alright, I just couldn’t *talk*.

    I hope Curtis’ dental surgery goes okay. It sounds unpleasant. πŸ™

  • Living in Thailand, I see that openness about sexuality here too. Being transgendered, gay, or even just effeminate is hardly blinked at and very much a part of the culture in a positive, celebratory way. It’s clear at the middle years level that some boys are curious and exploring and by high school, there are boys living every day dressing as girls. One of the kindergarten students (four years old) told her teacher, “I have two sisters and two brothers, but one of my brothers — girl.”

  • HAHA That made my night.

    Tyra def has a God complex… but ANTM is my guilty pleasure, too.

  • admin says:

    Seriously? I’ve never heard of that! Even the dentists said it was fine to drive. Maybe they use something other than novocaine?

    • altarflame says:

      While I know everyone is different and am not calling anyone a liar…I had all four of my wisdom teeth cut and drilled out and my gums stitched closed, while awake, so I had THIRTEEN shots of novacaine all at once, in my gums. I felt NOTHING… and was not the slightest bit effected in any other way. It’s hard for me to imagine anyone getting more than that, and I had never been on any kind of anesthesia previously (and was damned loopy the first time I got morphine…)

      I wonder if there is a mistake that can be made during injections, that can allow it to enter the bloodstream – ?

      • admin says:

        I know that this dentist uses stuff other than novocaine at their office, too. Because I’m allergic to it, so they can’t use it on me and it was not a problem, they said.
        I was looped out from all the valium, not the shot though. I can’t even take adrenaline to “keep the anesthetic there”, it gives me migraines, so they have to work damn fast, only on top of the tooth, or give me TONS of shots every few minutes.

  • That reminds me of my mum’s story about how I was after I got my wisdom teeth out LOL. Apparently I kept trying to tell her something about the bandage on my arm from the IV but kept getting exhausted in the middle of my sentences and passing out.

  • LOLOLOL gotta love dentists.

    here is a picture of me after my appointment yesterday that will never see the light of facebook. I am higher than a freaking kite (yay xanax),frozen and swollen. I think I’m trying to smile but clearly I failed.

  • iluvrob20 says:

    This is a hilarious kid after a dental appt. you’ll laugh πŸ™‚

  • Na Na Na Boo Boo Heather’s In Loveeeeee!!!

  • noelove says:

    It’s like how they made such a big deal out of Isis, the transgendered contestant on America’s Next Top Model. There are a lot of transgendered models, it’s not like she’s the first. Then again, Tyra has this weird God complex that requires her to assume she (and her shows) are a really big deal.
    I’m not saying I won’t still be tuning in, though. Shameless.

    this is sooooo rival but I am going to say it. Her pics were shit in the last couple weeks she was there. I’ve watched the show, stupidly often since its started. Even when I lost having cable, i still watched it every week on youtube.

    So with that, she was looking like shit in the last two week she was on. Thats it. not bc she was a man previous or whatever. I had no clue on the girl until she spoke up about it, and then after she did, I didnt care whatsoever what she was born as. But she was looking spent and burnt in her last couple shots. I honestly would not have voted her on.

  • sprytaen says:

    Tears were rolling down my face reading about your car ride home. Hahaha.. especially the bit about the grin & driving .. LOL. Nice.

    THUT. UP.


  • sunlit_mists says:

    I just laughed so hard I am crying.. thank you. I needed that today.

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