Tempest is learning more control of her hands.  She can grab something she wants that is near her face, and bring it to her mouth to chew on.  She chews on everything.  So far her favorite teether is Nana’s finger, which she’s bruised from strong gums.

However, with this new skill comes another one.  Yesterday was the third time we saw her put her fist in her mouth, then flex her fingers down her throat and make herself vomit.  She giggles each time as if it’s the most amazing thing.  She laughs even more as we wipe her up.   This is not really something we want encouraged… Especially since I end up nursing her four times an hour after she loses 3/4 of her meal by doing this.  We’re not sure how to discourage it, as she’s about two years too young to even begin to understand anything we could try.  She will refuse playing with toys over her magical gagging hand, and will even get angry if we take it from her mouth. 

I would laugh if it didn’t worry me that she’s going to make a habit out of it.  I can remember the joy of doing things I knew my mother didn’t want me doing, like eating Milk Bones. I recall my friend Dylan and I giggling madly as we toddled under his mother’s bed with a big bag of dog bones, which we then consumed while she crawled the house searching for us, and shouting, “You better not be eating dog food!”.

I suppose she’ll grow out of it.  I hope.

— Babs



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