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I posted on a couple of breastfeeding support forums, looking for advice on recurrent mastitis. I’m bulking up my vitamin intake, then going to the health food store for a soy lecithin supplement and some echinacea because I’m out. I’ve rented a Medela Lactina pump from the pharmacy, to make sure the breast is drained properly. I love it so much I think I’ll look into buying one. But it’s beyond me how a little motor box with a hand-pump piston can cost over $200…

Maggie gave me a little tincture of cleavers, dandelion, yarrow and echinacea for mastisis – it tastes horrible but it helps. I add a teaspoon into my breakfast shake so I don’t taste it as much… Someone gave me a link to a KellyMom article on repeat mastitis or plugged ducts. Which I found last night on my own and read through. I did more reading on getting the best latch and will start trying a few more techniques just for the hell of it.

Someone also suggested that I may have a curly milk duct in that breast. I didn’t even know that was possible.

I think it’s time to call the Le Leche League, too. If anything, just to cry on someone’s shoulder. Maggie says I should write a breastfeeding support book. Maybe when all of these problems are over I’ll be one of those mothers that she reccomends to be called by other mothers facing breastfeeding difficulty. She’s already mentioned it a few times.

— Babs



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