We walked up to a water park earlier this evening, when Xan seemed to be having an ‘okay’ break. He played in the water a little and really seemed to love it, despite feeling crappy. He also loved the swing.


But about 25 minutes later The Sick caught up with him. (This was before we took him to the doctor and figured out what was wrong)

Tempest ran around like a crazy person for an hour and played parachute with one of a pair of identical twin boys. It only occurred to me after the encounter that she has never been around older twins before. Two babies is just ‘two babies’, but two children who look and are dressed like a mirror image are something she’s never even considered. So when she walked up to his brother and started talking to him, and the kid looked at her like she was nuts (because he hadn’t had any interaction with her whatsoever) she just stood there totally confused. Then the original brother came over and took her back away and she kind of had this “Buh…?” moment. Their mother came up to me after, laughing, and told me what happened.



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