Last night:
My sort of new computer is back and runs smoothly. We ran WoW as a test run and I’m amazed — AMAZED — at the difference with a graphics card upgrade. For the first time ever I can see a character’s entire movement instead of one jerky motion before he appears several feet in front of the last spot (repeat until you’ve reached the destination).
I finished Harry Potter and successfully stayed spoiler-free. As a result the book was immensely more enjoyable. I did catch glimpses of many fake spoiler icons, figuring that by chance a few of them had to be right, and the one I found the silliest turned out to be closest to the truth. There may be spoilers in my comments, since I’ve mentioned the book, so read them at your own risk.
I’m waiting for Curtis to finish the book so I can blubber to him about it. I finished it first because I’m a faster reader and laid claim to the rights of first dibs.

Since I had my computer taken away (actually, before that) it has not stopped raining until this afternoon. Everything is a soggy, wet mess. Where is July weather? This feels like fake autumn. Fake because it still manages to stay 20 degrees during the day and maintain a horrible mugginess while we slosh around in our summer monsoon. Our lawn looks amazing but I think our flowers are drowning. Although yesterday Tempest and I discovered a lone sunflower blooming. We planted the entire pack to the specifications. Only one grew, and it’s about three feet away from where we planed them. I have no idea how that happened, but whatever, we have a singular sunflower now! The (potted, safely on the porch and away from Ass) herbs are also growing again. He ripped up the first batch. Tempest’s garden is also re-growing after we planted some more flowers.
Since the construction crew left Ass has found no good reason to hang around here and hasn’t come back. Once he accidentally ran into Curtis at the store and wouldn’t make eye contact with him, then scuttled away. If he’s even the slightest bit threatened by him I want to create an opportunity where he can yell, “Boo!” and watch him flee. Karmically unkind, but perhaps worth the amusement.

This morning:
My prayers were answered! The sun is shining today!
Tempest has yet to enjoy it, because she has to clean up my sewing room. Why clean up my room? Because last night she was promised some of the dessert as long as she cleaned her room. Everyone had to clean to get some. She shocked us by actually doing it, and doing it well. So we happily shared with her and we all had a good time. A while later when we were putting her to bed I opened up the sewing room and found that she had not actually cleaned her room, she just relocated all of the crap on her floor to there. Throwing it haphazardly around.
So, this morning her job is to clean up that mess and she’s not going anywhere until it’s finished.

I didn’t do any extra sewing, or knitting, or picture taking in the absence. I read books and played with Xan and Tempest. I really miss being able to take video. At some point I need to put aside money to try and get a cheap digital video recorder, or something. There’s too much to capture.

I have so much to do on the blank system that at this point I think I’m just wasting time to avoid doing it. There are exactly 18’542 programs I need to install. Or something like that.



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