March 29th:
Tempest falls asleep in her fuzzy chair right in front of the door to her room. I’m not sure why she picked this spot, but it was very difficult to move her out of it at midnight when she was naked and getting cold.

My Babyhawk finally came! Although I love it, and it’s comfortable and beautiful, with all the shit that happened and with the woman not notifying me for over a month I think I may not order from her again.

Curtis cooks with the boy asleep on his back.

I love the product, just disappointed in the owner’s business skills. I don’t know, maybe I’ll get over it. Later.




  • Anonymous says:

    you know, I was at the Med Faire today and I saw this weird Mei-Tai that I think now was a Baby Hawk! This in istelf is strange becuase since I’ve moved back to OK I’ve only seen 3 women in WAHM slings (I’ve seen a few with those god awful hip carriers and a couple adjustable superpadded things from babies r us) and they all three were today. Also, I’ve also only seen 2 women BFing in public—they were also both today. one of them was hiding around a corner behind a bush with a coverup blanket—the other was a vendor who had her entire boob out of her dress, the baby supposrted with one arm, and working her booth with the other. It was completely awesome :). I wanted to say something about how awesome it was but I felt it would come out stupid (WTG flashing your entire boob out there!)

    Melly from AP board.

    • admin says:

      So many times I wanted to say something like that too but have not known how to say it!! Online you can fine ‘nursing cars’ that you can print out and hand to other women that say how happy you are to see someone promoting breastfeeding by nursing in public, etc. I’ve considered it, because IRL I’m so painfully shy I can barely bring myself to say hello.

    • I wore my son in a meitaicarrier.com mei tai at the Norman Medieval Fair on Saturday and Sunday (was there from about 10-2:30 Saturday and 3-5:30 Sunday) But I didn’t see anyone else babywearing in a Mei Tai (saw some snugglies/bjorns). More than a couple people came up and talked to me about it :). I know at least two other people from the OKC NINO group were planning on babywearing to the Med Fair too, but I don’t know when. I also nursed there, but you probably wouldn’t have noticed πŸ˜‰ I neither hide with a blanket nor flash my whole boob. I just sat in one of the folding chairs at Gryphon Stage and watched the show and fed my son.

  • oopidsnot says:

    That looks so comfortable . . . and such an awesome design! Now I want one! πŸ˜€ Is there much difference between a Babyhawk and a Meitai?

    • admin says:

      The mei-tei I have is bigger (wider) in the body and that’s awkward for me as a small person. BH also has a structured headrest that I can fold down and I find the straps sturdier. There’s nothing wrong with my other mei-tei, it’s just not a good fit for my body type.

  • winterbourne says:

    I must add my voice to the chorus: you husband COOKS while wearing adorable baby. HAWT.

    The cooking part alone is HAWT.

    My future squeezes must be cooks. Because cooking is HAWT. πŸ˜€

  • myluckeestar says:

    My friend’s son #1 is turning 1 next week. Son #2 is due in May. They have a very nice single travel system that I bought for them, not knowing they would have another so soon. I would like to find her a sling to help with that situation. What would be a good starter sling for someone unfamiliar with them?

    Many thanks!

  • Oh yay, a better shot of how you tied it! I saw you mention previously that it was more supportive, but couldn’t quite see what you’d done.

  • frogmorest says:

    I *heart* my babyhawk. I am so sorry you had such crappy service! I had fantastic service but I do think that there are a few women making them… so I guess it depends who you get. ps… It’s freaking snowing! I want to move in with you!

    • admin says:

      I was chatting with Robyn…

      It’s 11 degrees here right now, and while it’s overcast it’s still pleasant. Come on down!

      • jenrose1 says:

        Oh… one of the tricks with BH is that if you have customer service issues, talk to her CSR’s about them, not her, as she is crazy busy and takes forever to get back to people. This is not uncommon with BW businesses, where the owner is the *worst* to talk to for getting things done… πŸ˜‰ Maya Wrap–I love Susan dearly, but she’s not the person who gets most of it done, LeeSa and Laura are. At Kozy, Kelley is a sweetie and I love her, but her sister Kristy does most of the business “get it done” work where customer service is concerned. Anyway, at Babyhawk, she has a couple of excellent customer service representatives, I’d have to look at TBW to figure out who they are though.

  • I think I want one of those kinds of carriers. My pocket sling isn’t hacking it for chores around the house anymore. Babby is good on the side under the butt carry with the pocket, but I can’t figure out the back carry. Meh.

  • bruken says:

    i must admit i’ve been a lurker and have resisted adding you as to not further complicate your livejournal life (ha!), but i can no longer avoid it! i have that book, goodnight moon, as well, and i love seeing your photographs as well as reading all your vivid stories and heartfelt outpourings. you inspire me to do away with the shallow scribbler i’ve become and attempt to rediscover the writer and artist i used to be. thank you.

  • It’s so beautiful. I just wish it wasn’t so freaking expensive.

  • Tempest is a precious lil pixie and I never get tired of hearing about her.

    Um, yeh, a man cooking with a baby on his back? SEXY.

  • robynz says:

    Are these images broken? πŸ™ I hope it’s not just me.

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