Contrary to their warning from early this week, they did the blasting this morning. I woke up hearing the “twelve sharp warning whistles” and then a very long pause. I wondered if they’d already done it and it was just so quiet that somehow I missed it. Then there was a deafening boom and the entire house shook like we were caught in a massive earthquake. This happened several more times over the course of the morning and each time it woke up Xan no matter how asleep he was. However, it didn’t seem to bother Tempest at all. She never said a word about it, nor even acted like she noticed.

Last night we watched “My Neighbor Totoro”, which we’d been meaning to watch for years and never saw. It is the cutest movie I have ever seen. I want to live in that movie, and be seven years old again. There was nothing about it that didn’t capture the heart of my inner child. It gave me warm fuzzies so intense I wanted to cry. I want to own that movie.
Tempest wanted to watch it again this morning.
Tonight we watched “Happy Feet”, which was kinda preachy and way too old for Tempest but I still enjoyed it. Robin Williams and the penguin amigos were hilarious. After Tempest went to bed we watched “Pursuit of Happyness” (we’re on a theme) which I thought was great.

Curtis goes back to work tomorrow, but only for two days. On Sunday we’re supposed to go up to see my father’s play. He’s not actually in it, or directing it, or anything else I’m used to — he wrote it, and a theatre company wanted to perform it. He’s going to babysit while we watch. I have yet to call him and work out the details, even though this is supposedly happening on Sunday. I need to remember to call him tomorrow, he’s notoriously bad at remembering these things and if I don’t do it, he won’t either.

LandLady’s husband (who I no longer wish to refer to as ‘Landlord’) came over yesterday to drop off the lawnmower. He took it from us just before winter and never gave it back. When we requested it so we could upkeep their lawn he came by and mowed it for us, then dropped it off. That was nice and all, but somehow I didn’t feel like that was his intention. He’s kind of odd.
While he was putting it under the porch he took the opportunity to go searching through the backyard to see what we’d planted (or haven’t yet). Then he went home and told Landlady that we ripped up everything and left it all bare. Which, in case anyone was wondering, is totally untrue. We’d taken up things that were dead, weeded, raked, tilled and generally “cleaned out” all the beds.

Landlady came by today and was surprised to find that what he’d said wasn’t true. She was only irked about a tree that she thought we tore away (since her husband said we must have moved it because it was “in our way”). We actually removed it because when Curtis was raking back there the rake tines hit it and it fell over. The entire root system was dead and it was rotted or molded out the middle. Curtis showed it to her so she could see for herself; we’d only removed it a few days ago.
This is not the first time Landlady’s husband was fantastically exaggerated a situation so that we’d look bad. I am beginning to dislike him.
He’s a flake and I think he’s mean. I say I think, because he could just be such an incredible flake that he doesn’t intend to be mean. Although this is unlikely. So long as he has two brain cells to rub together: he’s mean.

365’s in another entry, because I’m trying to catch up with my tagging.



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  • totoro was my favourite movie when I was around ten. I watched it everyday.
    we borrowed the DVD from my friend and watched it because Rick had never seen or heard of it. Its too old for Marissa but she watched a bit.

  • florassecret says:

    oMG your camera fucking rocks. Yes, that has to be the best cat image ever. It looks like she could just lick my face.

    Jocelyn and I saw Happy feet, it is preachy, and yet I loved it. I felt every emotion run through me. I think I might buy that for my kid’s DVD collection. Do you know if the blasting will happen again? It doesn’t sound like anything was damaged, but take photos in case something bad happens.

    Your landlady’s husband is weird. Gardening is that, to remove old and replace with new. It would be irresponsible of you to not remove the dead tree from the garden.

  • Totoro is one of my favorites too, and I don’t care for anime. They made another movie… I can’t remember the name. Bo po? Something? Not Spirited Away, but a different one. It’s also supposed to be good.

    Meh, I’m dumb today. Actually every day if you’re going to get specific, but today I feel more intensely dumb. :/

  • This is so terrible! I have been reading your livejournal for months and haven’t introduced myself! :O I even bought a bunny hat from you a while back (which I adore!). Your journal totally just caught my eye, I don’t even know how I came across it, I enjoy your posts and pics. (Jealous of your new camera)
    So, I hope you don’t mind. Please feel free to read mine as well.


  • I LOVE Totoro, I got it for me once from the library and Monkey fell in love with it. I need to get him a copy as I can never find it again on the shelves. Spirited Away was almost as good, but didn’t leave my guy singing the theme song afterwards.

    Have you watched Princess Mononoke? It might be a bit much for Tempest but it’s another GREAT movie. Can you tell I’m a total Studio Ghibli fangirl?

  • hellosarah says:

    I adore My Neighbor Totoro, and can’t wait until my daughter is old enough for me to share it with her! Pretty much all of the Studio Ghibli movies are fantastic.

  • Those movies are all on my list of things to see soon.
    Your landlord is… weird. I hope he doesn’t ruin things for ya’ll there.
    Is it helping to have Curtis home with you?

  • My Neighbor Totoro is probably my all-time favorite “kid” movie. Morgan loves, it, watches it all the time, and “Hey LET’s GO” is the first song she started singing along with, lol. I LOVE that movie.

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