Amber got here at around 3pm, Curtis parents got here at 4:30, about ten minutes after Curtis came home and jumped in the shower to wash the restaurant stink off him.
Amber and I walked up to the craft store and got $30 worth of belly casting supplies because they didn’t have any small sized plaster of paris. Home hardware probably would have been a little cheaper, so now we’ll have leftovers. When I’m done maybe I can pass it on to someone else.

Tempest was promptly spoiled rotten, made Curtis’ father terribly uncomfortable with her nudity (oy vey), and beat out of them the last ounce of belief that she may actually be a “quiet” kid and we’re just inexperienced parents who exaggerate about her personality. That last part only took about ten minutes.
We went out to dinner at the most awesome Japanese place on the planet. Oh my god. Even the salad dressing was orgasmic. After the salad course we were joking about wanting to pick up the bowl and drink the dressing. Tempest actually did it, because she’s three, and can get away with that kind of thing. We’re all adults and have standards to adhere to.
I want to live at that restaurant. Each meal was around $25 on average, but it’s worth every last penny. Curtis’ parents offered to pay for everything and invited Amber to join.

We didn’t get home until almost 10:30 at night after a long dinner and desserts at another restaurant. Tempest was exhausted and passed out almost instantly. The in-laws went back to their hotel and we started on the belly cast. It only took about 45 minutes. I used olive oil instead of vaseline this time: that worked out a hundred times better. It absorbs nicely into your skin, leaves it very soft – and not only left a smoother inside to the cast, but none of the plaster was stuck on my body! It actually washed off with little effort and I won’t repel water for a week.
Even though it’s very unfinished right now (I haven’t even applied the plaster yet) I can already see a huge difference between Tempest’s cast and this baby’s cast.

I look terribly wide in this photo.

A bunch of people asked if she’s transverse: no, she’s head down, I just develop huge love-handles when I’m pregnant because I have such tiny hips that I can’t even fit into women’s underwear. They just aren’t as obvious in photos when I’m wearing loose pants. It looks weird.

Tempest’s cast and this baby’s cast.

Can’t see that big a difference? Try this angle:

Maximum of 2.5, maybe 3 weeks (gestation wise) between them. Do you think this baby will be bigger than my 6lb 14oz peanut?

We went to bed around 2am. Tempest slept until 9:30, which is amazing, because she’s been waking at 7:40am on the dot for weeks, regardless of what time she goes to bed at night.
I was originally going to do DITL today, but I kept forgetting to take photos. Now it’s almost 6pm and I’m just going to let it go. I only had a few pictures from a few “events” and completely forgot to take photos in the moments when I should have: like when Curtis’ parents decided that since the ‘only thing we needed’ for the baby was a stroller (more for Tempest, as I sling until baby is old enough to gain independence and I may need to choose stroller over sling for physical issues), so they’d buy us one.
We got a jogger for Tempest when she was around six months old. The front wheel doesn’t swivel so it takes brute force to turn the damn thing, and that results in the front wheel popping off and losing its screws. She’s broken umbrella strollers and we got one off freecycle just a bit ago that is functional but terribly awkward and IMPOSSIBLE to use on terrain other than a sidewalk.
I wanted a jogging stroller because they’re more durable and I can actually, you know, use them on more than just a sidewalk and can run around with them… but the all of one in the store didn’t have a swiveling wheel. Amber happened to catch sight of a couple who had a jogging stroller with a swivelling wheel in the next aisle, and asked them where they got it.
Turns out it was in another store in the same mall.
… which had a few on display right outside and they were freaking amazing. They even had an attachable toddler seat to convert it into a tandem stroller in literally five seconds time. No screws or anything.

Curtis’ parents bought it.
It cost five hundred dollars before tax. The tandem seat was an extra hundred. Oh my fucking god.
But it is pretty freaking cool. It’s also good enough to last me through another child; the child we’re going to wait at least five years to have because I am starting to get sick of being pregnant all the time.

Being able to throw down that kind of money boggles me. Especially when they consider themselves “tight” by comparison to how they were living when they had dual incomes. It’s like my brother claiming he’s “not doing well” after his third vacation to Japan and a few needed purchases like three LCD monitors for his computer and a flat-screen television.

Curtis’ mother noticed the shadowbox, and complimented me on it. She didn’t look at it up close yet, but I want her to.
Curtis’ father asked if we were “thinking about having a third”. It irritated me, but felt really horrible when I didn’t immediately correct him. By the time it came to my mouth, enough time had passed after my original answer that it would have seemed weird to say…

We tried to go out to dinner where Curtis works, because I thought it had a ‘restaurant side’, but a rather condescending waitress informed us it did not and we had to leave. I called my brother on G’s cell as we were driving into town, getting a quick recommendation. The place he told us to go to was closed. We ended up just going to White Spot instead, which was fine, but I was really gearing up for something ethnic.
Tomorrow we’re doing touristy stuff with them.
The day after we’re doing a HUGE touristy thing with them. I am going to be the walking dead from back pain by the time we’re done the next few days, but it’ll be the only time we see them for probably quite a while. They may not be able to get back up until this baby is a toddler. My back hurts terribly today, so I’m looking forward to going to bed just for the opportunity to stop moving. Curtis’ father joked that he should rent me a wheelchair, and for a moment I seriously considered taking him up on the offer.



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