This morning I was only partially aware of Tempest crawling into bed with me and reading some books. I heard her say, “I’m going to get flowers” and then leave. I thought I was dreaming. I lay there for a few minutes, and then forced myself out of the semi-sleep state and realized she actually had been in bed with me a minute ago. I threw on my robe and ran out of the bedroom to look for her.
She’d put on her shoes, and nothing else, and walked out the front door into the yard to pick dandelions. I told her, again, to never go into the front yard without permission.
“But I needed flowers,” she said. I told her to ask me before she got flowers, she said I was sleeping and she was just getting flowers, geez!
It is so hard to argue with a two year old. She has absolutely no concept of why it’s uncool to get up at 8am, put some shoes on, and walk out into the front yard to pick a bouquet of flowers. She can’t get the deadbolts yet so I’m going to have to start locking the doors at night. At least here is an extremely nice, quiet and family-friendly neighborhood with tons of other children so I’m not scared of her getting abducted or hit by one of the 2 cars that ever passes here in an hour any of that crap. I’m more worried about her going into someone else’s house, completely naked, and asking for food. With her dirty little nose and fingertips, looking like a wolfchild that wandered out of the woods. Except she’d be wearing pink cloth shoes with butterflies on them.

We went to a birthday party yesterday for florassecret‘s daughter. I also met up with heffalump_05 there.
IT WAS SO HOT. I walked around for an hour after it was all over. 30 degrees, very high humidity, pregnant with a black shirt does not a good combo make. Tempest came home and ran in the sprinkler for an hour before dinner.

We started letting the cats out a few days ago. For the most part they stay pretty close to home, although I haven’t seen Ziyal since late last night and that’s pretty normal for her. Chloe and Pumpkin don’t seem to go past the property line, it’s just Ziyal that prowls. She came back in this morning after being gone around 18 hours. She doesn’t look like she’s been scrapping, so I assume she’s just circling her new territory.
I think they’d probably wander further if it wasn’t so damned hot. They go about ten steps out and then collapse in a big pile of hot melty fuzz.
One of our brand new, just out of the box fire alarms started periodically going off yesterday… as it was sitting outside. No barbecues nearby, no fireplaces burning, no nothing. It just kept going off. Mom eventually took the battery out. We can’t figure out what the hell its problem was. Maybe it thinks it’s too hot outside.
When Curtis came home he said that the kitchen at his work was hotter than it was outside because no one had realized all the intake vents were broken until it was too late and the fire alarms went off, shutting them down for over an hour. He said it was actually a relief to go out into the 30 degree, 43% humidity weather.

My bikini bottoms are way too tight for me now. I wore them for an hour today, then went into the bedroom to change into loose undies. Tempest followed me.
“What you doing, mommy?”
“Changing my underwear. These are too small for me now.”
“Oooh. Mommy’s vagina is too big!”
“… not quite.”
“My vagina is little, I can wear mommy’s underwear.”

“Knock knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“AJ.” (My mom’s siamese cat)
“AJ who?”
“… AJ bites! RAWR!”

After MUCH dinner battling, I finally got Tempest to eat some of her food by bribing her with an offer of tortillas that Curtis made, dipped in plain yogurt, if she ate a few more bites. She very quickly shoveled the last of it in.
“I’m all finished! Tortillas?”
“You are! You can have some tortillas now.”
I passed them to her, she picked up a triangle of one, dipped it and took a bite.
“Is that tasty? What does that taste like?”
“That’s the taste of victory.”
“And yogurt.”

Before we go on a walk:
“I go naked?”
“No, you have to get dressed to go on a walk.”
“Because everyone gets dressed to go on a walk. Do you see anyone else walking around naked?”
She sounded defeated. “No.”
“Then you have to get dressed. If you see a bunch of people walking around naked, you can take off your clothes and join them.”
“Can I wear white dress?”
“That’s dirty, honey. It’s in the wash.”
“Then I’m walking naked.”



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