I am willing my allergies away.

Believe in me, because if I don’t think I can do it I won’t!
They have been sucking the life out of me since we moved down. It’s a small price to pay for being here, but damn they suck. Extra strength antihistamine isn’t doing a whole lot, and when I take it I depend on it very quickly and that’s not a helpful mindset. I picked up some eyedrops for the discomfort and have spent the last two days without meds believing that I can control them and make them less severe.
So far it’s working, but only if I keep on top of it. If I slack off they take over and the more they take over the harder it is to find a steady place to stand to start quelling them again. So long as my throat is not swelling shut it’s all good.

Curtis had gone down to a pharmacy to get his prescription refilled and asked a pharmacist out of curiosity what else I could try if generic Reactine wasn’t working (which has been the only thing that has ever made a significant difference for me). She flipped and said only Benedryl was pregnant safe. Moron.
The pharmacists down where I used to live, while pregnant with Tempest, didn’t know a thing either. I had to bring them studies regarding antihistamines which they then pinned to the wall behind the counter so they could tell all the suffering women that it was OKAY to take meds that actually give their babies the oxygen they need. This isn’t hayfever, people.

Until my season passes I look like a meth addict: my nose is red and itchy, my eyes are watering, and I’ve broken out on my chin and keep getting patches of hives. I absolutely can’t think straight and keep forgetting my points in mid-sentence and trailing off. BUT… I’m not dying! This is marked improvement! I am, however, really exhausted and not coherent. I need to stop talking to people, because I’m obviously not making an ounce of sense, ever.



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  • I’ve got tons of allergy stuff going on right now…stinging nettles 2 caps 3 times a day, saline nasal spray and Naphcon A eye drops.

  • luxoxo says:

    sorry to hear ur suffering. I know that pregnancy actually intesnifies any allergies. i was all of a sudden allergic to dowm while pregant. anyways, the other type of allergies like the plants etc, I found that if you get B POLLEN and eat it it takes it away. BUT the trick is it has to be local b-pollen. because then its fighting what you are.
    i learned that from a naturopath and it worked for me.. call ur local health store or farmers market to find out where u can get it.
    good luck:)

  • molly_diane says:

    *Willing away your allergies with you*

    PS, you really shouldn’t do meth when you’re pregnant πŸ˜›

  • altarflame says:

    I hate allergies SO MUCH. UGH. I’ve only really suffered from them when I ate a lot of dairy or was pregnant with Ananda, but damn. I would go nuts if I had to feel like that all the time.

    That is a really interesting point, about the lack of oxygen to the fetus vs. risk of medication o_O

  • You can do it! I used to get migraines frequently when I was a child. They started around 8 or 9 years old. I used to lay in bed in the dark and tell myself over and over again that I did not have a headache. My head did not hurt. Etc. All of a sudden I really didn’t have a headache.

  • florassecret says:

    When I was pregnant with Madeline I was not allowed to take anything. I have bad allergies too, every year, my coughing acts up, and my nazal passages drain. It’s really bad. Right now I am in the middle of healing my daughter’s earache. She’s has the same problem I had as a child.

  • janaya says:

    Quite sorry to hear the allergies are plaguing you upon your return home. πŸ™

  • emily25069 says:

    Absolutely off topic-nothing to do with anything

    though, it is interesting that your post was about allergies.

    I have a friend who is newly pregnant and has some serious morning sickness, but she is unable to see a doctor/midwife at this time.

    I recall vaguely you recommending childrens benadryl for this, and I was wondering the dosage.

  • I’m willing your allergies away! I can’t imagine having allergies that severe. *big hugs and love and good healthy vibes*

    Now if you could take care of this terrible cold I have before I have to sing on Sunday, that would be great!:)

  • erinmdmd says:

    My allergies are horrendous when I visit the place I grew up (Long Island, NY). Part of the reason I love living on the west coast now is that my body hasn’t learned to reject EVERYTHING I breathe just yet. Perhaps if I continue to move every four or five years to new parts of the world I’ll avoid a repeat of what was a childhood of looking like a meth addict, as you describe πŸ˜‰

  • cat_heron says:

    please feel better soon.
    it’s been so nice that’ you’re writing again.

  • birthingway says:

    I have bad allergies, too. I love it when they say Benadryl is OK in pregnancy. Not if you have to walk or drive, it isn’t! Not to mention that Diclectin contains an antihistamine.

    I have tried everything under the sun:
    Megadoses of Vitamin C
    All the sleepy-type pills
    Inhaled steroids
    Allergy shots

    The best results I have ever had came when I did a cleanse; it was amazing. However, that is out for both of us (i’m breastfeeding).

    I think I may be ranbling in my pollen-induced haze. Can you point me to the studies?

    • admin says:

      The studies that I got were print-outs from my midwife’s filing cabinet, and I no longer have them. It’s been something like three years and I think they got lost in one of the first moves!
      All I remember is that it was a randomized trial with 17’000 women that showed the results of taking antihistamines to fight off moderate to severe allergy symptoms (IE. not just itchy watery eyes), and pretty much EVERY on-the-shelf allergy med was taken into account.

      The studies showed better birth outcomes, less chances of heart defects and hip problems (??) with the group that took their meds. They attributed this to the fact that NOT taking your meds causes lack of oxygen and a number of other problems that can affect pregnancy and birth outcomes. The risks of not taking are much, much higher when you’re dealing with severe allergy symptoms, although it was agreed that one should only take meds *when needed* and not just pop them without a second thought, as any medication contains risks.

      On allergies:
      As a child mine were life-threatening. I carried epi-pens, did not leave my house during the summer months, had storm sheeting on my windows to protect from pollen, took steroids, meds, twice weekly allergy shots, yearly tests and went to the hospital daily for oxygen. I wore masks outside and practically dropped out of school because I could barely attend. I had allergy attacks that almost ended in a tracheotomy… believe me, I’m experienced with allergies!
      I’m allergic to everything that grows. Really, I’m not exaggerating. This isn’t your average hay fever, here – and I hate hate hate having people mistake it for that. Yeah yeah, you get the sniffles – boohoo. Please don’t tell me you understand what it’s like not to leave your house 5 months of the year without steroids and a handful of pills because you could die.

      They really didn’t get much better, just “controlled” until I got pregnant with Tempest. I went for MONTHS into my season without ever needing to take a single pill! I have no idea what happened… pregnancy just “changed’ me somehow.
      I wait as far as I can into my season, and then only try and take something when I absolutely need it and I’m starting to feel wheezy. At this point I wake up wheezing, cough often, can’t lay down without whistling and break out in hives when I sit on the grass – that’s *while* taking extra strength antihistamines. I’m considering getting refills on my puffers as well.
      I haven’t had allergy attacks bad enough to hospitalize me in a long time, though! The thing about growing up with allergies like that is that you gain a lot of perspective – if nurses aren’t coming at me with knives and tubes when I don’t take my meds, I’m doing AWESOME!

      • birthingway says:

        I haven’t been hospitalized with my allergies since I was a kid, but I totally understand and relate to your irritation with those who don’t get it.

        I don’t “just get the sniffles” either; and I often end up with bronchitis/sinusitis because of all the crap that accumulates in my lungs/sinuses. It’s fucking awful.

        Raise a hand if you believe that I was formula-fed and raised by smokers? Hell yes. Thanks, Mom & Dad.

        FWIW, my (5) kids haven’t inherited my allergies to the degree I have them. My eldest (who was, coincidentally, breastfed for the least number of months) has slight pollen sensitivity, but more of the “hay fever” variety. The others don’t have any reaction at all, and I am quite sure this has to do with what they ate for the first year+ of their lives.

        Sheesh. I am getting all itchy just talking about this! πŸ™‚

        • admin says:

          My allergies were a huge problem since birth, but the environmental issues didn’t really *start* until I was over the age of 4-5… it started off mildly at first, and then without warning at around age 8? 7? I had an allergy attack that almost killed me. I was rushed to hospital and once I was stabilized I had MONTHS of tests only to find out I was allergic to everything they tested me for (32 allergens, scratch test). Brutal.

          Anyway… my grandma smoked. Constantly. I mean, light a cigarette and before it’s done she’d light another smoker. My mom says she smoked like five packs a day, although other people tell me this is physically impossible, so who knows. I spent a lot of time with her, and I know my asthma and allergies were severely aggravated by that.

          Because they never did find out what caused my food allergies and the stomach problems I had at birth, I have worried that I’d have a baby with the same problems. Tempest, while sensitive, has not shown any allergies and I’m SO THANKFUL for that!!

          • florassecret says:

            You are so correct about smoking and kids with allergies. That’s my very problem. My mother smoked two packs a day, and I have had ear infections, on top of ear infections…but when I moved away, and started to take care of myself. I noticed that all of my earaches and problems went away (ok, not quit) I still get the odd earache.

            I’m sorry to hear this place bothers your allergies so badly.

    • admin says:

      Oh! Oh! I finally found something! I think this might be it. I cannot get a current file, or a web archive file. This is just a cached google page, complete with highlighting of search terms.

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