Tempest hasn’t nursed in three days. She asked twice, both times during a tantrum because she was angry at me. I told her that she could not have something by demanding and screaming, and said if she wanted something she had to ask nicely. She walked off.
She plays when I dress in the morning or take a shower with her and dances around like a little bird under me, laughing and giggling. She wants me to pretend she can’t have it and run away going, “No no!” so she can chase me. When I tire out and sit down, she doesn’t join me for a nurse, she just walks away. She wants to play hide-and-seek-boob, wants to tickle it, kiss it, hug it and look at and play with it, but seems disinterested in the actual nursing part.

Some days she’ll want it as much as three times in a day (but only stays latched on about 15 seconds), and other times she’ll go 1-2 days and forget all about it.
She’s really not that cool with the two pregnancies in a row. She loves my belly, but is not pleased with the colostrum. She’s actually given a nurse and then told me, “Eww”. If ever she wants to nurse, she’s careful not to get any out. As soon as she does she sticks her tongue out and leaves.

I did that interview me thing with no intention of posting it, but what the hell…

From witchbaby33
1. if you had $1million to donate to any charity or group, what would it be?
Autism research.
2. if you had to get a tattoo, what would it be and where?
I plan on getting a tattoo. My first choice is a little personal to share, yet. My second choice is the icon I’m using for this post.
3. what is your favorite thing about yourself?
My stubbornness. This is also my worst feature, but I like it.
4. does it surprise you that you’re an internet superstar?
I hate when people say that. πŸ˜›
I thought people were teasing until I checked my website stats for the month of November, just after I posted Jericho’s birth story. His pictures, posted on my livejournal, got over 11’000 views (not refreshes) in 30 days – it didn’t occur to me before then how many people read me.
5. how many kids would you eventually like to have?
Four would be nice. πŸ™‚ Depends on the spacing, though. My ideal spacing was two close together and one much further down the line.
When I say four I’m including Jericho.

I took another two belly pictures today and didn’t realize I’d grown some since the last time I took some.


The other day I woke up in the morning able to see a little lopsided lump on my stomach. Normally when I lay flat on my back my stomach doesn’t really stick out, it just looks gushy. I poked around at the baby to try and illicit movement, but got none. All I ever feel is little random flickers here and there with seemingly no pattern, so I’m never positive they’re kicks. Tempest and Jericho both liked to kick in the same area when they were first moving. Same place both times, too. My babies like the right side of my uterus better, it has an ocean view and fenced yard.



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