Tempest and I took a shower this morning. When I was done, I stepped out to towel off so she could have a few extra minutes playing with her toys. Maybe four minutes had passed, and then I asked if she wanted to get out.
“No, bath!” she said.
I gave her an extra minute or two while I brushed my hair, then peeked in. She was still happily sitting on the floor of the shower filling up her stacking cups. I gave her a countdown to ‘off’, but when I reached in to grab the faucet I realized the water was ice cold. I immediately turned it off, she stood up and yelled “No, bath! Baaaaaaath!”
“But it was cold! You’re freezing!”
“BATH!” She had been sitting in the cold shower happily playing with her toys. Any bath is better than no bath, I suppose.

Her new favourite game is “Sshhide”. She grabs a blanket and cowers beneath it, putting a finger to her lips and whispering a slurred, “Ssshhide”. Every so often, one parent is allowed to hide with her, then the other has to find her. When the other finds her, that parent has to join. Then we’re hiding from Nana. We’re doing a really good job, since she’s in another house.

As of two days ago, my baby is officially two and a half years old. Halfway to three. Three. That’s far too old.

Also, I need a toddler translator. (3.7meg, contains toddler nudity and serious bedhead.)

ETA: Curtis knows what it means! It means “wind” as in ‘wind up the playstation controller after you’re done with it’, or ‘wind the yarn into a ball’. For some reason, she really likes to watch us wind things.



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