Tempest needs to stop resisting naps, because she sleeps literally two hours longer at night and is a much happier person if she has one. I need a tranquilizer gun. I bet I could find one on Ebay. She wants to play dinosaurs just a little bit longer. And mom, can’t you read me five more books? Just five? How about seven? Twelve.
A certain someone got her a book called “A Cat’s Night Before Christmas” which is hilarious and absolutely adorable. She asks us to read it to her at least 20 times a day. I’ve only had it two days and I’ve already memorized it. At night she still wants Harry Potter, though. Curtis has taken over her bedtime routine because she likes him better from 7pm onward. He’s been reading her the entire HP series. I think he’s into Akzaban now.

During the day I’ve been knitting longies. Math is very important when knitting. A lot more important than you’d think.
For instance, this pair of longies requires me to multiply my stitches per inch by Tempest’s measurement over her bulkiest diaper.

6st per inch x 24 inches = 144 stitches cast on.

I’m about 2/3 of the way through and beginning to realize how massively huge it is. I keep looking at it and going, “Wow, I guess with the tie it’ll look smaller” or “Maybe it just appears bigger on the needles…”

So I take out a ruler and measure my gauge again. Hey, look at that! It’s actually five stitches per inch. One stitch off can’t be THAT much trouble, can it?
5 st per inch x 24 inches = 120 stitches. If my gauge is five stitches per inch, and I’m 24 stitches off, that makes it almost FIVE INCHES TOO BIG.
… Does anyone have a kid who measures 28-29 inches around the thickest part of their bum with a bulky diaper on? If you do, do you want some longies? They’re dark green, 100% merino wool. Instead of charging $50 or more, I’ll do it for cost because I just want to finish these damnit. Plus there’s a knot in one of the stitches on the bum that looks funny.

A few less inches on my waist and I could make them for myself. I’ll get right on that.

I keep getting my dad’s mail. I accidentally opened a piece yesterday because it was addressed in a similar way my own mail was addressed. I didn’t realize it was his until I saw my sister’s name on it. Then I wrote him an email confessing to my offense.

It’s hard to write lately.
I just can’t wait to get out of here.



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  • thinggtwoo says:

    Do you still need me to measure Boo’s butt, or do you have a taker, LOL? πŸ™‚


  • admin says:

    I’ve never made a scarf. I was too impatient to make something cool. Technically this is my first project.

    Longies are like baby pants, usually with a drawstring. They’re made of wool so they act as an extra absorbant layer so when they go over a cloth diaper it can essentially be used as a cover, and a pair of pants!

  • raisangrrl says:

    I’m happy to see a post :o)
    I think I’ve been missing alot of them lately, so it’s about time to do something about all the communities I’m in…
    Anyway, That’s so neat that she likes HP. I’ve been thinking about reading the whole series to my kids, but I wasn’t sure if they’d even like them. hmm, maybe I’ll just start and see what happens.

    I’m VERY happy to hear the wool isn’t bothering you. I remember you telling me that you had allergies and was nervous about sending you those wool wraps. Does Tempest like her wrap? I wanted to find other buttons for it. I searched everywhere. I really wanted to put bright red or purple flower buttons on it. Or even both, lol.

    • admin says:

      She does. πŸ™‚
      If I’m careful with the wool, knitting it won’t bother me. It makes my fingers swell up, so I have to be cautious, and I can’t sit down and knit for more than about 45 minutes maximum. But I’m hoping to build up a better immunity because I really want to keep knitting with wool.

  • How much are you wanting for the longies? They would fit my little guy πŸ™‚

    Ps If you get this twice I am sorry.Lj ate the first one.

    • admin says:

      Cost and shipping? So far I’ve almost used up one ball, and I was going to stop until someone spoke for them so I could get the rise/inseam of their kid and just customize it. It is my first attempt at longies, but I think they look pretty good so far aside from being way too big and having one knot in the bum (I can take a picture if it bothers you).

      • Nope it doesn’t bother me. I will take them.Let me know the totaly amount I’ll do priority shipping since you live in canada. Thank you for the offer πŸ™‚

        • admin says:

          Well, the one ball was $6 and it looks like I’ll probably get through at least half of another ball. Priority shipping is something like $13, but air is only about $6-7.

          I can’t finish them until you give me his rise and inseam with bulky diaper on. πŸ™‚

          • With bulky diaper on Rise 13 inseam 17
            Thank you for them πŸ™‚ whatever is the best deal on shipping without me waiting forever is great.

            • admin says:

              Rise is only 13??? Are you measuring from top front of diaper all the way under to the top of the back of the diaper?
              Her rise is 19. :-X

              • Ugh One more time.(My boys are fighting today so I am sorry for the deleted comment and the mistake above).
                Riase: 20 inseam 19
                I doubled checked with him STILL finally lol

                • ARGGGGGGG!!!!!!! Last time I am so so sorry.I was going to edit and …my computer went all wonky! UGH.
                  Rise:22 inseam ;19

                  I am so sorry for all the mistakes today has just been one of those rotten days for me.

                  • admin says:

                    Okay, I have finished said longies! I’m just about to put up an entry with their photo…
                    I didn’t make the inseam 19 inches, because the extra large toddler inseam standard is 12 inches. And when I put them on my daughter the cuff is past her heels, so I kind of doubted your babe’s legs were 7+ inches longer than my 2.5 year old.

                    Also, they didn’t turn out QUITE as big as I thought. So while the bum is baggy on my daughter in a thin diaper, it’d probably fit your babe with a thick diaper.
                    The rise is indeed 22 inches, though. πŸ™‚

                    ANYWAY. It took two whole skiens of 100% merino wool and about 1/4th of a third, give or take (I’m seriously just guessing, but crochet takes more yarn than knitting and the cuffs are crochet). The skiens were $8 a piece, so I’d put it around $18 total, not including shipping. If you wanted expresspost shipping is something like $7, but for normal it’s around $4 I think. They don’t weigh much and can fit into an uber-small package so I can’t imagine it being much more than that.

                    If you don’t want them, THAT’S FINE. Please don’t try to be nice if you really don’t like them. πŸ˜‰ I’d just keep them for my daughter or something. I’m making sure I put all this in because this is my only major project… ever. So I’m really not the *best* knitter.

                    • I seriously SUCK with a tape measure. lol My huuby took his inseam for me and I was way off,but at least I got the riase right.
                      I would like them. I think they turned out really good,but I totally understand if you don’t wanna be rid of them considering it is your first big project. If you really are ok with it,LMK. I can’t pp for a couple weeks though the hubby gets paid every 2 weeks and this is rent week πŸ™ LMK

                    • admin says:

                      PP is good. No problem on the waiting, I don’t need it right now. πŸ˜‰ I understand – ’cause up until about an hour ago I seriously didn’t even have three dollars worth of change in the house. That was brutal.

                    • Anonymous says:

                      I am going to have to pass on the longies. We are having some major finacial problems right now and it will be May before we will be able to havedug ourselves out of this awful mess.I am sorry if this puts any strain on you guys.I really didn’t see this coming. I want to thank you for being so patient and understanding before.

                    • admin says:

                      Don’t worry! I totally understand. πŸ™‚

    • admin says:

      Cost and shipping? So far I’ve almost used up one ball, and I was going to stop until someone spoke for them so I could get the rise/inseam of their kid and just customize it. It is my first attempt at longies, but I think they look pretty good so far aside from being way too big and having one knot in the bum (I can take a picture if it bothers you).

  • altarflame says:

    You know, most people think I’m crazy, but I seriously never, ever count stitches in crochet or knitting. I bypass it completely by adlibbing as I go (no stupid patterns). Like for longies, I just knit a wide enough waistband, then make it longer until it goes around whichever baby the right amount (or measures a certain waist size, if it’s for someone else). Then join it together, and start down on the hips, go til I have the right rise measurements, etc etc. Hats, whatever, I would lose my mind if I tried to count as I did it…

    I’m glad the wool isn’t bothering you.

    And, I also miss your posts. I need to kick myself in the ass and email you as often as I think about it; then you’ll have to respond.

  • florassecret says:

    Try doing things like a shawl, or a sweater.
    Your post makes me miss my knitting so much. I want to head out and purchase some wool.

  • the_lissa says:

    Empty your pm inbox on cob please.

  • sillyboho says:

    i hope you start feeling like writing again soon, i’ve been missing ya!

    i haven’t been knitting at all, mostly because i got discouraged that i suck at it. i’m so basic. i can knit, purl, and increase and decrease. i can do most stitches. but you know what stumped me? SOCKS. i moved away from all my knitter freinds too. the lys doesn’t make me feel comfy there. they make me feel weird.

    it’s been so long for me i need to re-aqaunit myself with the basics for confidences sake.

    i’ve also been procrastiating the curtains and large hippy sack purse, and a scarf for boo i’ve bought and cut fabric for. maybe i’ll go do that now. the curtain fabric is so pretty. and the purse fabric is so cheerful.

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