… or get off the pot


– Tempest walked over to me and held her hand out. “Mommy?” she said. She opened her fingers and inside was a slightly goopy, chipped Ibuprofun. Insert me freaking out. It looks like she picked it up, put it in her mouth and spit it out because she didn’t like the taste. Holy fuck. I actually don’t think it would have hurt her should she have swallowed it as the entire pill was only twice the dose that someone her weight takes in the liquid suspension – but still scared the crap out of me until I realized the pill was completely in tact. Just the smooth coating was rubbed off in a few places.
Curtis had left one on the counter for my headache, supposedly out of her reach.

– Tempest’s unnatural fear of the toilet has been replaced by wanting to sit on the big potty all the damn time. She calls us over a dozen times a day saying “Potty! Potty!” but does she have to pee? No. She just wants to sit on it. Just sit. Kicking her legs and looking around. We’ll sit there talking with her for ten minutes before trying to urge her off, because she won’t leave. Reading or knitting is strictly prohibited while she is on the potty. You must watch her the entire time, even when experiencing mind-numbing boredom since you’ve been sitting there watching her sit, doing nothing, for a total of an hour and a half already today.
I assume this will one day progress another step to her using the toilet for it’s actual purpose.

– It’s snowing again. Our bizarre warm stretch is coming to an end. It’s taken only about two hours to get three inches or so. It’s a bit fat 0 degrees outside. Every time I walk outside in weather like this I think to myself, “Just imagine… next year this is as cold as my winter will get”. In about two weeks or so it’ll drop 20 or 35 degrees and I will sleep in three layers of clothes and never leave the house.




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  • julierocket says:

    Again, the whole “not responding with something random/not serious to a serious post” thing…

    Thank you for your info in booju… I forgot about the whole “no asking for advice” rule, and my post got deleted anyways, but oh well. Here was my response to you:

    Wow… that’s absolutely incredible. So, basically, I’m totally letting my kids self-wean. Thanks for sealing the deal for me.

    See, I don’t care if people aren’t supposed to ask for advice here, that was totally worth it in my opinion.

    • admin says:

      I wondered what became of that!
      Thank you. πŸ™‚

      • julierocket says:

        thank YOU! ♥ I actually got into a big conversation with my boyfriend tonight, and it turns out he knows quite a bit about breastfeeding himself (one more reason I love that man), although I was able to teach him a bit from what you told me. He seems open to the idea of breastfeeding up until toddlerhood, although he’s not really into breastfeeding a 4-year-old… I doubt many kids choose to keep breastfeeding that long, though.

        I also heard that goat’s milk is the 2nd best for kids to breast milk (when they’re older) because it’s the most similar to breastmilk in composition and it’s also good for brain development. If this is true, then I’m starting to reconsider my “no dairy for small children” policy, especially if I’m going to postpone vaccinations on my kids. My “no dairy” policy has always been an autism precaution, but I’m starting to think that the vaccinations are a prerequisite for the dairy allergy to kick in and be a concern. It’s a whole long explanation and I don’t know if you’re well-researched on that particular very non-mainstream school of thought concerning autism and its possible origins, but basically my boyfriend is way more open to the concept of breastfeeding and my vaccination policies if it means I’ll be more open to having dairy in the household. He likes food. πŸ˜€

        • admin says:

          As far as by comparison to cow’s milk, yes it is much better. As a child I had very severe allergies, and goat’s milk was the only milk product I was able to have for a long time (no one sold, nor had she ever heard of rice milk for many, many years). My mother got it fresh from farms for me. But I wouldn’t use it under a year of age, just because young babies are still very dependant on mother’s milk and you wouldn’t want them full on something that doesn’t contain adequate nutrition for them. πŸ™‚

          Yes, I know some about autism/vaccines. I am high functioning autistic; vaccine damaged. My mother is very against vaccines too, and Tempest has not had any.
          You should back order some issues of Mothering magazine, they frequently have articles and bulletins about vaccines and autism and their links, the fight to take mercury out of them, the other dangerous ingredients, etc… They have one issue in particular that is almost always sold out, from February 03 I believe, which has a main focus of the autism/vaccine link and contains several well-researched articles.

          • julierocket says:

            I remembered you saying something about being HFA once; it stuck with me because it changed my perception of what HFA meant– I’d never have pegged you in a million years. You just don’t have those “warning flags” we’re supposed to look out for in terms of social markers, you know? You’re “normal,” whatever that means, at least in your own assessment of your life as it comes across in text on the internet! It’s a great lesson to learn about how labels don’t make a person, and about how you can never really “know” someone just because you know someone online. Very enlightening indeed…

            I’ll look into that. I’m a FIEND for any article related to autism, vaccines, dairy allergies/health, anything from any side of any opinion. I eat that stuff up. I actually taught my boyfriend how to interrupt me and say, “Sweetie, you’re doing the autism [/vaccine/thimerosal/dairy/all of the above] rant again but you’re not telling me anything new,” because I do it so often and don’t even realize it and he’s constantly on the other end of the phone, poor boy.

            Mothering magazine… I always heard that name but thought it was one of the mainstream magazines. Either I’m incorrect in assuming it was mainstream, or I’m incorrect in having underestimated it for so long! I’ll look up that issue, thanks. πŸ™‚

            Julie ♥

            • admin says:

              Mothering is the anti-mainstream magazine. It’s a good one. πŸ™‚

              PS. If you knew me in person you’d probably notice a lot more “flags”. I need to make an ass of myself easily, say obscure things, or become so shy that I practically don’t exist. I find it impossible to communicate with people, particularly strangers. I have a lot of anxiety and obsessive behavior, particularly repetitive motion behavior… which is all par for the course.
              I had therapy for a long time on recognizing things like body language, facial expressions, and controlling my own. It brought me out of my shell, but I hated doing it.

              A lot of HFA people are perfectly normal in text form: some have even written novels! It also depends, I think, on the severity of it.

              • julierocket says:

                some have even written novels!

                *channels Temple Grandin*

                My boss sat next to her at a dinner/speech thing once… Ms. Grandin kept trying to talk to her the whole time; she had trouble with the whole “don’t talk while the person giving the speech is talking” thing. She’s a very accomplished woman, though, and certainly allowed a few quirks at this stage in her life. I’m assuming you were referring to her, anyways… there are other HFA people with written texts, yes, she’s just the first who came to mind πŸ˜€

                I’m starting a new (second) job on the 23rd. I’ll be working in an autistic preschool classroom with 5 students and 3 other teachers as a Teacher’s Assistant (for the PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM, HISSSSSS!!!, lol, but they pay my medical insurance, so yay). The kids are all nonverbal and very “behavioral,” meaning they’re all going to try to bite and kick me pretty much every day. It’s going to be really interesting stuff… I have a “thing” for autistic kids, I really do, and everyone I know thinks I’m a touch crazy, but I can’t help it. Something about kids who are so blatantly uncomfortable inside their bodies and can’t seem to stand the world, trying to make things connect for them, I guess. It’s like putting a puzzle together. I actually used this crazy Harry Potter metaphor involving merpeople language to try to explain it to my coworker and I think I sealed the deal on the “Julie is crazy” thing… oh well.

                • admin says:

                  With more people like you in the public school system, it would be a lot different. Good on you. πŸ™‚

                  Something that not many people utilize in calming down an autistic fit is weight. Autistic children like weight. Weighted balls, or a fisherman’s vest with sand in all the pockets that they can wear when they’re freaking out… those things help. My mom used to come and push down on my shoulders. I remember asking her to sit on my legs when I was trying to sleep. You can buy weighted blankets, too! They recommend it not exceed 10% of body weight but I know I always wanted a lot more than that. :-/

                  • julierocket says:

                    Yeah, Temple actually made these “squeezeboxes” modeled after the machines used to hold cattle still in slaughterhouses… she discovered one at her aunt’s farm when she was sixteen and used to climb inside and have her aunt tighten it around her, and then later in life she manufactured some for kids that were a bit more comfortable and safer.

                    Basically, I’ll do whatever they teach me at first, and then from there I’ll see whatever works. Autistic people are all so different and it’s really just these very loose, general guidelines that group them all into a category… what calms one kid could put another into a screaming fit. I’ll just have to observe, test things out, and see how it goes.

                    Strangest thing, I’m not autistic but I had/have a bunch of the same “symptoms” you do/did… the anxiety/obsessive behaviors (ESPECIALLY as a child, I always thought in retrospect that it was OCD); the major sensory issues (mine were with food and clothing, and I could NOT touch buttons or even LOOK at them or pictures of them while I was eating… I still can’t, on days where I’m stressed out); the social discomfort and shyness with strangers, particularly adults; and I still say really obscure and strange things that don’t make sense. I also don’t understand a lot of social things unless I’m taught them explicitly… I have no common sense at all when it comes to things like that, it’s really weird. You’d think that by 23 I’d know how to do really basic stuff or what sorts of things people mean when they say certain everyday phrases, but sometimes I get confused. I also had ear infections every other day, and I’m pretty sure I had some sort of reaction to vaccinations because I used to get scarlet fever a lot, I think, or was it strep WITH scarlet fever? But I’m definitely not autistic. I think, somehow, if there had been a few more pieces in place, I would have been. Maybe that’s why I connect so well with these kids… I kind of get their “oddness” and I understand that feeling, on some much milder level, of not really feeling in synch with the world, but at the same time I’m not way out on the other side of things where they are. I’m still “in” the world and I’m just trying to bring them to a place where they can navigate to the world if they want to be here.

                    I don’t know if any of that made sense. Whenever I try to explain it to people they get really confused.

  • Anonymous says:

    You have an amzingly beautiful little daughter. And is it just me or does she have the longest legs ever? They look very long in the first picture.

    And as for the weather, I wish I was there right now! Here in Sydney is got up to 44.7C, which equates to 112.46F! It was pure hell. my partner, brother and I went to see Narnia at 9:30pm to try and escape the heat, but the air conditioning at the cinema wasn’t coping with the heat itself! I slept through the movie in the hope that my temp would drop slightly if I did so. I did like what I saw of the movie though. I’ll rent it on DVD to see the rest.

    P.S. I’ve just started reading your posts lately, and I’ve really been enjoying them. You write very nicely, and I like reading about your life. Plus, the pics of Tempest are worth it alone!

  • purplemusic says:

    Maybe I’m just a little behind, but she looks like she’s grown 3 inches since last picture post!

  • frootijen says:

    Great pics. Tempest is a total doll baby. I have pics of Ash at that age potty training and looking at a magazine. I also have another one where Ashley had a wad of toilet paper stuck in her butt-crack. I potty trained her in two weeks and at 18 months old. She was excited about the potty and was really excited to be getting big girl underwear. After I bought her pretty undies, she was out of diapers immediately. I told her that when she was ready for the potty then she gets to get out of diapers and into having big girl undies. It was a great potty training motivator and I was shocked that it worked. She never wanted to potty in them. Pretty big girl panties was my kid’s motivation for potty training-lol. Tempest is showing some great interest now with the toilet, so I bet that it will be pretty easy for her to train once she is really ready. Good luck with potty training. πŸ™‚ It is truly awesome once they get it.

  • tellinellen says:

    total and complete cuteness.

  • odinyotoo says:

    Those pics are priceless! The piggy tails are too cute!

  • gypsymommy says:

    Ah yes. My daughter also went through a phase where we had to sit with her in the bathroom… we also hast to hold her hand because it “might help the tinkle or poopies”. Rarely did it ever. I am glad that phase has passed, and now at age five she insists on having the door closed for “piracy” as she says. πŸ™‚

  • on_a_hill says:

    what I want to know is……..what happens if you knit???

  • Those pictures are just too freaking cute. Sorry she is hanging out on the pot so much of the time. Mind numbing indeed πŸ˜›

  • The pigtails KILL me! *Plotz!*

  • My Hannah is the same way. She is five and totally potty trained but many times she still wants one of us to come with her for company and you are not allowed to do anything but watch and possibly talk to her. Her brother on the other hand who does need a bit of help doesn’t want anyone to be in the bathroom with him. He needs his privacy. Lord, help me!

  • robynz says:

    Her Mona Lisa smile in the first one just screams “Hee, sucker.”

  • oh that second pic is insanely cute!

  • mamygirl says:

    Holy crap, I just laughed my guts out reading that. It’s *so* Ayla (my daughter that’s Tempest’s age). Especially the “reading or knitting is strictly prohibited” part of it. Yep. Have to be staring and adoring the whole time. *sigh* When will this change into using the darn thing?

    She’s ridiculously cute! She’s got that “you adore me and I know it” look in her eyes.

  • birthingway says:

    Phoebe (3) is potty-learned but still does this thing where she wants me to sit with her. I can read to her, but not my own stuff. And knitting is also not allowed. Did these girls attend the same meeting?

  • zeldazonk says:

    You have the LARGEST STASH OF PATIENCE EVER….but looking at that little character…how could you not? πŸ˜›

  • altarflame says:

    The pictures! The pictures are killing me! I’m *choke* gagging on the *choke* cute*choke*ness *garglegarglecoughdie*

  • i lovelovelove the pic of her with the newspaper.

  • The potty story is pulling this lurker out of the woodwork. That so made my day πŸ˜›

  • hahahaha she’s so cute.

    I loooove the toilet seat! Ernnniee! Did you get it online?

    My bathroom is decorated in duckies.

  • Nikko HAS to sit on his potty before every bath or shower, or anytime I use the toilet. Rarely does anything though.

    That first picture is classic!

  • lol That’s so cute. I’m glad she’s not afraid of the toilet anymore, at least! Best of luck surviving the cold!

  • Lily did the “sit on the potty forEVER” thing for awhile too. She’s over that but now she’ll only poop on the potty, not pee…

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