The irritating kids (by kids, I mean 20-somethings with the mental age of 12 year olds) upstairs are playing their music so loud that it’s making our lights shudder.
“Santa Monica” by Theory of Deadman just came on. Curtis said, “Who needs radio when you have obnoxious neighbors?”
I’ve gone up and asked them to turn it down a few weeks ago, because Tempest was trying to sleep. To which Obnoxious Neighbor #1 said, “I don’t fucking care if you have a kid” and shut the door. So, I figure any further attempts will only lead to violence (perhaps on my part) so we’re just not doing anything until we can contact the landlord.

Curtis’ event went really well. It required 20 people to staff the kitchen and prepare the food: 7 showed up. Everyone did the job of three people and then some, and pulled it off perfectly. At one point Curtis was walking in the back and overheard the chef telling someone that another student and Curtis were his “best”. On Monday the chef is giving the rest of the class a royal reaming for not showing.
Curtis and two others even came in two hours early to help with prep, and as a result he gets a day off next week.
All the people they were serving were upperclass rednecks, and everyone cracked jokes about it in the back, humming “dueling banjos” and trying to drown out the country music.
They ate cougar and square-danced. I shit you not.

Being alone with Tempest all day wasn’t as bad as some days. I bribed her with a shower to get her to eat dinner.
She likes taking showers with me, she sits on the floor of the tub and plays with her boat, then I spray her with water and she squeals and runs away yelling “NO!” while at the same time asking me to keep spraying her stomach or bum.
She keeps me so busy that at the end of the day when she’s asleep I feel like the world has come to a screeching halt and suddenly I don’t know what to do. I started crocheting another bunny hat: I have a request for two. Now of course I’ve forgotten who this request was from. Yesterday I cracked the Half-Blood Prince. I never read it. I went to the midnight party, in costume, and haven’t read it yet. After the end was spoiled for me I felt so irritated that I didn’t pick it up, then I got busy, and busier, and more stressed out, and never had the time. I guess now I have too much time.

I have a lot of trouble sleeping at night now, so I think I’ve picked up these put-down-able activities so I have options.

My father called earlier, and for the first time I had a better answer when he asked how I was doing. I have just kept telling him, “I don’t know” and now I feel like I’m coming into it, down off the shock. I talked to him for a long time about how things affect me. He said again that he was proud of me, for the way I’m dealing with it. He says that every time. I’m never sure how to take it.
He’s down in mid-province, in a production of “The Secret Garden”. He’s had to work on a Yorkshire accent for the last few weeks and took out all these movies to use for practice fodder. He calls me every few days, to check up. I’m not sure how long the production goes, but after he’s moving down by the Island to be closer to Marika. Only five months until we can move there, too. I know it’s wrong to use it as some sort of salvation, but it feels like it. Everything is just out of my reach, but I’m inching closer.

– Babs



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  • I can’t believe your neighbours! Most people can at least be sensitive to the sleeping needs of a two year old. Geez.


  • glcrumpacker says:

    I hope you enjoy the Half-Blood Prince. I’m so opposite to you; I didn’t crack the book for nearly a month after I got it, but in the interim I got on the ‘Net and didn’t rest until I had totally spoiled the crap out of it for myself. Went and found out everything. Then went back and read it. Liked it, though. I don’t guess you’ve seen the new movie? No, I don’t guess so . . . I came to the books through the movies; most people are vice versa, but I loved the film of Goblet of Fire.

    About the landlord/tenant situation, I’m a paralegal and used to do a lot of eviction stuff, and although I’m in California and don’t think you are, can’t you call the police? Or are you averse to doing that? That is a civil matter for which you may complain to the police, in addition to being a landlord/tenant issue for different reasons. Drop me a line if I can be of further help on this, either e-mail or on the message board.

    I think of you every day, you know. Always sending good thoughts your way. I also had some recent thoughts about a baby I lost at 15 weeks of pregnancy, and I’d like to share with you sometime when we have a chance. No hurry though. You know where to find me. Love, Gretchen.

  • azdesertrose says:

    I’d love to put a fist through the faces of the obnoxious neighbors. I never behaved that way when I was in my early 20s, and I hated being tarred with that brush. Wait until they have to deal with a fussy, tired toddler (even if it isn’t theirs), and then they’ll regret having been so rude to you and your family.

    Glad to hear that Curtis’ event went well, though, like many others, I am quite squicked by the concept of eating kitty.

  • emilie1024 says:

    I understand what it feel like to be so close to something and have it just out of your reach…this entire year has been like that in regards to me finding a permanent teaching job…I’m so close, yet so far away.

    You’re still in my prayers and I hope that you will be able to sleep better again soon…in the meantime I’m an insomniac so if you ever want to chat find me at aol IM…I’m IrishRose1024.

  • florassecret says:

    Expect high rent here, that’s for sure, we are not renters but we used to a few years ago…we were paying over 1200 for a 3 bedroom place.

  • julierocket says:

    People like your neighbors make me embarrassed to be 22. Who could actually say that to someone’s face? That’s so horribly mean. I would just shrivel inside if I ever managed to do something like that and then I’d have to move or something. Some people think the world belongs to them…

    I spent pretty much the entire day reading Order of the Phoenix yesterday. It sucked me in in such a way that reminded me of Sebastian reading “The Never-ending Story”… I literally HAD to keep reading, all day… seven hundred pages later, I finally went to bed. That evil J.K. Rowling stole my Saturday!

    • admin says:

      Haha! She does that. I did that with OOTP too. I read it on the night I bought it. Stayed up until 7am.

      • julierocket says:

        See, now, I don’t have a toddler. You totally deserve a medal for pulling that off!

        • admin says:

          Actually, when that book came out I was 8.5 months pregnant with her so I still had the time.
          At the midnight party everyone who came in their PJ’s got 30% off the book, or something. I was the fattest one there! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • julierocket says:

            That’s so the best way to be fat ;D

            I’ll do just about anything to be in my pajamas… especially if I can somehow save money BECAUSE I’m in pajamas. That’s pretty much the sweetest deal going, if you ask me.

            At the last HP book release, before I “officially” (if you can call it that) got into the whole thing, I somehow got roped into accompanying my friend NOT to the book pick-up waiting-in-line bit, but to the wait-in-line-to-get-your-ticket-to-wait-in-line-later waiting-in-line bit. An hour and a half, just to get a ticket to wait in line later! I’m glad I caught on to the series later, after my little brother, boyfriend, and best friend all had all the books already. ๐Ÿ™‚

            • admin says:

              I wasn’t into the series at all until before OOTP came out. I saw the first movie first, I think… after that I wanted to read the series. Everyone else I knew had already been addicts for years!

  • If their noise goes really late, past midnight or something, call the cops and make a noise compaint. I did that so many times in my various apartments in Victoria.

    • admin says:

      The only thing with that is that my experience with cops + noise complaints has been bad. THey come half an hour later, make no threats and just tell them to shush… which they don’t, and since they know who did it and don’t feel threatened they keep it up or make it worse. The cops don’t come back a second time, and if they do it’s two hours later… it’s just not worth it because nothing comes of it.
      At least, that’s what it was like on the Island. I haven’t tried here. I’m a little hesitant to do anything that would draw lots of negative attention in case they end up retaliating, not only because I have sensitive things coming in the mail, but because there’s only so much loud noise a two year old can take.

  • jesamin says:

    I still can’t get over people eating kitties!! (cries the admitted crazy cat lady)

  • dietcokehed says:

    Upperclass rednecks! LMAO! That’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one ๐Ÿ™‚ ‘Round these here parts rednecks be lower class.

  • noniegrace says:

    I don’t see why it’s wrong to use it as salvation. You are happy there, of course you would be looking forward to moving!

  • teechers_pet says:

    Wow your neighbors sound like real assholes.

    You’ve been in my thoughts a lot lately, I wish I could give you a real hug ๐Ÿ™

  • Is there a way those 20 year olds can be cooked up in Curtis’ class? It’s meat, it’s “exotic”, it’s probably already marinated in bad alcohol and smoked partially…

  • tau says:

    I know it’s wrong to use it as some sort of salvation

    Why is it wrong?

    • admin says:

      Because then you put your hopes and dreams into an event, this event will “change you”, or make things better… and it’s not the things that change you, it’s YOU that changes you. To depend on something else to make you happy usually just leaves you feeling disappointed when it doesn’t “work”.

      • tau says:

        Perhaps its me then. I often look forward to certain events, or transition points, and mark them as ‘lights at the end of the tunnel’ with great success. Maybe its because I don’t expect a cure, per se – but a change, a lightening of a burden, or a welcome break from whatever is plaguing me.

        Its what has gotten me through some of the roughest patches in my life.

        • admin says:

          I generally do that, too… except that this particular event is difficult not to pour everything into. It could potentially mean the end of things that have been a burdon on us for many years, things that we thought would never lift.
          We’re moving with a debt, but a chance to be able to make things completely different then my life has been since the day I was born. It’s difficult not to see that as the goal, instead of just a potential.

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