Tempest slept straight through last night, but of course I didn’t. I was up until almost 2am. We watched “The Magdalene Sisters”, which I found really disturbing and yet very moving. I spent 45 minutes looking up the history. The thought of finding hundreds of unmarked graves on these sites made me cry. We got the DVD, which has the original documentary on it, which I also watched (by myself, since Curtis had to get up early).

When I finally went to bed, I couldn’t get comfortable. I’m trying to force myself to sleep in a particular position to encourage baby to move, but it’s not working. I was awakened about five times during the night by really intense contractions that continued into this morning. Ow, ow, ow. Every time I reclined they started up. I’m pretty sure they were “drink more water then one glass in a 20 hour period, you idiot” contractions.

All day Tempest has been singing. As we walked to the store it was, “Up and down, up and down, down, down, down! Underwear! Pop, pop, down.” Her newest word is ‘popcorn’, which she mispronounces as “pop’d-porn”. I made her some popcorn in the wok earlier and put yeast on it. She ate the yeast and left the popcorn. At least she’s got the right idea.

LC is coming tonight, LC is coming tonight! I’ll do a fat and happy dance when her plane lands at 10pm tonight.
Curtis is scared of living in a house with two pregnant women for two weeks. I joked that he should keep the freezer stocked with Rice Dream and make us his delicious bread.
Last night he came home from his event with armfuls of carved fruit. Watermelons, dragonfruit (?), oranges, melons, cherries and all sorts of stuff in little designs. Our fridge is now stocked full of eight or nine different kinds of fruit in sunburst patterns. Dragonfruit tastes like water, apparently it’s only good for decor.

It’s CRAZY warm the last few days. It’s 17 degrees today (62F)! 21 in Calgary! It was -4 last week. Apparently it’s warmer up here than it is in Vancouver right now. Not that I’m complaining, but that’s weird. I keep hearing from people that there’s never been a Hallowe’en without snow up here.
Seventeen! If the sun would shine and the wind would quit that would be swimming weather.

I worked for hours yesterday and finished a new template for Better Communicator, I emailed it to her last night but I don’t think she’s received it yet. I like it much better than the design that Client seemed to choose (but in fact didn’t?). I hope it is well received. It needs to be very simple, because we’re on a strict time limit and he’s on a very tight budget, so trying to work within “dirt cheap” but also “nice and unique” with the stress of, “get the entire thing done in two weeks” is a tad challenging.

— Babs



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  • that film is one of the greatest “fill me with righteous indignation” films i’ve seen in a long time. i watched it alone late one night and didn’t send it back to netflix for weeks just so i could show it to my husband when his ship got back in. the only other film i’d ever seen him cry for was “requiem for a dream”.
    two weeks in a house with two pregnant women sounds like hormone soup to me! it’d be interesting in the very least. πŸ™‚

  • altarflame says:

    I hate dragonfruit! It tastes like nothing, but the more you taste it, the more it really starts to just taste bad. It’s aesthetically pleasing, but the texture sucks, too…

    And this whole experience will build character, for Curtis :p

  • purplemusic says:


    This week is the first that it’s been cold in Florida, today in Tallahassee the high is 60F, and sunny! I had to get out my sweaters, and I thought I was going to die when I got out of the covers in my 40F house this morning. I can’t believe it’s the same temperature as Canada! Swimming weather MY ASS. πŸ™‚

  • bluealoe says:

    LC LC LC!!! I miss her. πŸ™

  • dietcokehed says:

    I hate hate hate it when I can’t sleep and both kids stay down. Same thing happened to me last night. Nick has been having problems sleeping again (turns out he’s just been workin’ me, Patrick got him down without a fuss and he stayed that way! Punk.)

    That movie looks really good. I just checked out the trailer (though my sound isn’t working) I’ll have to look for it the next time we rent movies.

    Heh. Popped Porn. Love it πŸ™‚

  • ryver says:

    “The Magdalene Sisters” was so incredible. Abotu 2 years ago, Jeremy and I were in Scotland and we were handed a flyer about the real victims of the workhouses. We actually got to speak to one of the women. I can’t even tell you how amazing and strong she was. They were speaking at the Tatoo I think (we left right before it. Yes, that movie takes your breath away it is so strong.

    • admin says:

      I was reading about the history, and interviews with the director and such… and read about how his first international showing before bringing it out of the area was in a house that seated something like 1300 people. Mostly women attended, and at the end of the picture women started standing up and screaming that they were Magdalenes. They’d never told; there was just so much shame and fear attached to it.

      • ryver says:

        I think what gets me, is how far we’ve come but still how far we have to go. I’m sure there are people out there who think the whole idea of the workhouses should be brought back.

        • admin says:

          I can’t believe they existed as recently as 9 years ago. That scares the crap out of me. I told my mother all about the movie and the history this evening, and she was sitting there crying, and saying how she can’t believe they were still operational that recently. In MY lifetime. There could be women my age who were prisoners there.

  • sillyboho says:

    i’ve had dragonfruit juice.

    i love starfruit!

  • florassecret says:

    You know it’s warm here too, I had to take my fall hoodie off while we were at the park. Um, we’d be laughing if there was a non rainy Halloween.

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