Pregnant stuff

Aside from the obnoxious love handles I could almost pass for not pregnant from head-on.

I feel so small by comparison to how I was last time, but I guess there isn’t much of a difference when I actually compare a photo from around the same time.
I’m just differently shaped. Baby isn’t as high into my ribs this time, and I never feel any movement above my navel. Last time I always measured a little bit ahead, this time I’ve been measuring around 2cm behind the entire time. The baby is sitting much deeper, I can feel him almost right against my cervix. Tempest didn’t sit that low until I was around 32 weeks, when she dropped and engaged. He never moves out of this little nest in my pelvis. She was everywhere, all the time, cracking ribs and bruising things… It’d be nice if this carried over post-birth, too.




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