Collecting Dust

So, it’s been a year since I updated. I originally did intend to write here, and regularly, copying stuff I posted from my OD – but I just never got around from it. Since then I’ve written some several hundred entries, and it would take forever to transfer them all over. I downloaded this nifty little client called Semagic, and this is my test entry (test, test). If that works maybe I’ll set aside some time to start transferring, so long as I can back date the entries.

Ah well.
Anyway, the big stuff is that my precious bebe was born August 7th, and I have 26 million pictures that I’d post at all hours of the day. (As if that isn’t enough motivation to read? πŸ˜› )

Meh, maybe I’ll get around to this.

Post Edit: I AM Getting around to this! But it does take forever… I’ve been at it on and off for hours now and I’m not even half done. Hopefully I’ll finish by tomorrow. Don’t assume I’m done until the entry dates between this one and the last are only a day or so apart. And only leaves me comments on this entry (for now) about past entries. Because LJ sucks for not having a ‘read all comments’ function.

~:) Babs



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  • ruethee says:

    Ahhhh…that explains why there were no comments…

    • admin says:

      Heh, yes – it’s all backdated!
      I have several more years written at – only my pregnancy with Tempest onward is here.

      • ruethee says:

        Opendiary…never heard of it. That seems not possible since I’ve been using the internet since before it was the internet. When one had to enter an ISP to get to a “site” and everyone was MUDing. I kinda miss those days. The “ease” of Windows has made me very lazy in keeping up with code. Basically, I haven’t πŸ™

        I’ll have to check Opendiary out.

    • megamuphen says:

      Hahaha. I’m glad I’m not the only one that wondered about that. (Although I’m 5 years later!)

      • admin says:

        Man you guys are some devoted readers to take all this in! I have a ridiculous amount of archives here and when you go back this far I was practically a different person.

        • megamuphen says:

          Sorry, you probably think I am incredibly creepy. πŸ™‚ I saw you in… the pregnant community I think? So I kind of followed you home (in a cyber sense) and uh… started reading your lj from the beginning.

          • admin says:

            You’re not at all the first! Lots of people have done this. I don’t find it creepy at all, it’s just weird for me because I’m kind of self conscious about who I was 8+ years ago… I’m just SO DIFFERENT now!

            • megamuphen says:

              You are very popular! (Or at least your 8 years ago self is!) I understand though… I was quite a different person 8 years ago as well.

              • admin says:

                Thanks. πŸ™‚
                I’ve even had one person say she thought I was a fake diarist because I was so different and dramatic and just… naive back then by comparison to today. To be fair to myself, a lot of shit went down in the last 8 years including the death of my kid and that tends to change a person. So, as you read back into this stuff remember that at one point in my life I was relatively naive, young and unjaded. πŸ˜‰

                The main reason why I didn’t bring over the 5 or so years before what I have here is because of the above… I just can’t bear to see it. I’m just such a fucking annoying thing. I want to punch myself.

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