The necessity of compassion

I had two hospital calls back to back a few weeks ago, and they were dramatically different in how the staff handled the cases, even though the calls were less than 24 hours apart. Before I get into it, it might help to get some context on why I say … Continue Reading →

Small adventures

We’ve been trying to have more outings as a family during this summer vacation, especially since Curtis’ work shift is so long and difficult that it means we pretty much never see him except on his ‘weekends’ (and we’re both so exhausted that we usually spend half of the first … Continue Reading →

Every time I open up a notepad to write I feel like we’re at this awkward dry spell in our relationship where I’m trying to initiate sex after like three months of virtually no contact and can’t remember how to seduce someone anymore. Except instead of a person I’m trying … Continue Reading →