On pain

Everything’s been really up and down, and it’s hard to sit down and want to write about it without either feeling like I’m putting on a happy face or whining endlessly. Curtis’ promotion was awesome, but not at all what we were expecting. We talked about it for weeks prior … Continue Reading →

Xan and Tempest playing back in early 2010.

10 types of kids at playgrounds

I don’t generally do joke posts, but I’ve been laughing about this phenomenon with Curtis for a while and finally figured I’d write it up. We’ve been enjoying the warmer weather these last few weeks, which means more frequent visits to the park and “water pad” (a playground that has … Continue Reading →

Quick court update

I couldn’t possibly wait to post this, but boy did landlady ever hang herself today. While I know the arbitrator (who was a woman, and therefore seemingly far less likely to be naked in front of a computer full of pornography while on the phone) is required to stir up … Continue Reading →

Little lights

As I was walking Xan home from school yesterday, I told him that later that evening we’d be baking a cake for Zephyra’s birthday. “We will? Can I help?” “Of course. I’ll need both you and Tempest’s help. We just need to decide what kind of cake to bake her.” … Continue Reading →

Birthday baby

Two years ago the clock flipped over to 12:00am on June the 2nd while Curtis and I were laying in bed watching anime, and just like that my four days worth of prodromal labour shifted with a single, strange contraction. “Did you seriously just go into labour?” Curtis joked, remarking … Continue Reading →