It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood

Hey, so you know what’s awesome about menopause? 1. Suffocating hot flashes that come on without any warning and make you feel like you’re walking around in a sauna suit. 2. The gradual change from “normally abnormal periods” to “light to moderate bleeding for months upon months upon months”, occasionally … Continue Reading →

Moving on

Tempest has this knack of hiding laundry when her chore is folding. Every so often we’ll find this little stash of socks, clean diapers and pants stuffed in a corner somewhere, or just shoved back into the dirty clothes so she can avoid doing it. Every time this happens we … Continue Reading →

I was starting to feel a lot better lately; finding more stability and becoming more at peace with the change in schedule, reaching out to friends and talking more with people instead of hiding in my house all the time. Then we got a note from the government saying our … Continue Reading →