The spring break that wasn’t

Today I’m extra thankful that my pharmacy is so devoted to creating a community and friendship with their clients, because these last few weeks have been absolutely fucking wretched and I went through a month worth of breakthrough meds in under 15 days. People are generally not allowed to have … Continue Reading →

Childhood mental illness, and you.

I woke up to this amazing meme on my Facebook page, posted by Brother’s Wife. Don’t medicate kids for being kids because kids never experience mental illness and any problems they have are probably just their magical spirits shining through hooray! I hate shit like this, I really do, but … Continue Reading →

Apparently Mac isn’t just superior in overall stability and virus-prevention, but also in its resurrection abilities. As I’ve mentioned in previous entries, Z spilled a cup of coffee on my Macbook pro (which wasn’t even finished being paid off) and it died. I brought it back to Futureshop where I’d … Continue Reading →