The grand entrance

Today the new one is eight days old. Jesus that went fast. She’s already gained like 5-6oz in three days; she’s gon’ be a fatty. I helped Marika give the baby her first bath in the Swova bowl, much like we used to bathe Zephyra when she was tiny, and … Continue Reading →

We have a new baby!

Marika’s baby girl, still unnamed as of yet, was born (vaginally, in hospital) at 2:42pm on September 17th after almost 18 hours of extremely, extremely difficult labour. She was the most incredible birthing warrior, and I cried so hard I’m still dealing with the headache. Baby is big, FAT, hairy … Continue Reading →

Krazy Gonna Krazy

I try not to talk too much about Krazy’s antics publicly, because I don’t like to give her any attention even when she’s not going to know about it… but sometimes she’s just so goddamn insane that we’re all left at a complete loss on how to deal with it, … Continue Reading →