There’s a million uncut photos and I don’t even care

There’s some weird error on Dreamhost account right now where my webhosting freaked out after 5 days instead of 60 and stopped access to my account, it’s been fixed now but will take like another 6-12 hours before it resets so until then all my photos are broken. 🙁 I’ve … Continue Reading →

This is a quick share because I have no time to write anything big right now. Baby has five teeth and is almost walking. We are exhausted. We’ve taken to sending dirty texts to each other while Curtis is coming home from work (he bikes, and texts while pulled over … Continue Reading →

So much for the “write more” promise. I’m distracted and caught up. My head feels very full of fluff and I can’t pick anything out of it long enough to write it down. I feel like I’ve gone through an unbelievable amount of emotional weirdness over the last month, and … Continue Reading →