My mom, for some reason, picked up this antique mirror that she saw at a garage sale some weeks ago. It’s like six feet tall and only cost about $10. She has a thing for big old mirrors. Anyway, we have nowhere to put it so it’s been sitting against … Continue Reading →


I think we’re finally starting to come out of the other side of the tunnel of snot and assholery that The Winter Sick™ has gifted us this season. Curtis and I feel vaguely nauseated due to clogged sinuses, and baby continues to lose her body weight in snot every 16 … Continue Reading →

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  • By Babyslime
  • 4 February, 2012
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Experiments in parenting

Baby Z has her first cold and an off-and-on fever that she’s working through. We gave her Tylenol on the second night after the first was far too hellish to repeat, and she was much happier (and less feverish) in the morning once she’d had a good night’s rest. Neither … Continue Reading →