Of poetry and deeper meanings

So I finished reading my preordered, signed copy of “The Fault in Our Stars” by one half of the [ Vlogbrother’s ] duo John Green. People have been making these brilliantly stupid fan art pieces of God himself holding up the book, partly in jest but I suspect at least … Continue Reading →


There is a lot of snow outside. School closed today, as did Curtis’ work. No one wants to be driving around today. I got out of the habit of regular journaling while pregnant with Z and feeling so sick. I think there were just too many days that were spent … Continue Reading →

The rules of baby clothes

I will never understand the selling of used baby clothes as a regular thing. I totally get it if you’re in need of money and have friends/others who want to help you out, that makes total sense… but as a regular thing? Like a, “my friend is having a baby, … Continue Reading →

Sexism in action: children’s edition!

I put this on Tumblr as well, and I usually don’t go for the short and sweet here, but what the hell. So familiar followers know my kids and my family and the kind of place I live, but in case you aren’t a regular reader I’ll give basic explanations. … Continue Reading →

Thank you everyone who wrote something. It was an amazing outpouring of support, personal stories and advice. Even those who swore their story was nothing positive… was in a way. It showed that above all things can and will get better in the end. You’re worth something, you’re worth more. … Continue Reading →

I don’t normally write about this at all, let alone on public, due to my own rules about family drama making it onto my blog, but sometimes it’s just too much.

Well, Yule was uneventful. As a was the new year. I just wasn’t feeling the holiday spirit. I can’t tell if I’m depressed or ill, or perhaps a combination of both. The last few days I’ve felt like absolute shit and have wavered between a terrible migraine and wanting to … Continue Reading →