Well, that was fun, wasn't it? That post very quickly spiraled from, "Wow you have so much determination, that's awesome that you worked so hard!" to, "Here's a list of things I know you spent money on, you have fucked up priorities if you can't beg for money/spend/sell your possessions … Continue Reading →

Our breastfeeding journey with posterior tongue-tie

I think the big reason why I didn’t/haven’t resorted to formula or exclusive bottle-feeding through this whole thing with Z’s feeding is simply because we did not treat it as a viable option. It wasn’t, “either/or” with breastfeeding vs. formula, because that implies the two choices are equal… and they … Continue Reading →

Curtis has been pushing me for the last few months to put money down on a new Macbook, as the one I'm using is from 2007, has no functional CD drive (and hasn't in years), half the keys don't work, the touchpad is worn out and it has burned through … Continue Reading →

I have the most miserable fucking head cold right now. One that can only be treated with excessive amounts of oxycodone and cheap tequila. It is 2:30am and I’m awake sniffling to myself, creaking and watching Bad Lip Reading on YouTube (which you should really check out, just sayin’) First … Continue Reading →