So. Right. Busy and stuff. The thing with breastfeeding is coming to this weird head of, “Yay it’s a thing!” and, “Boo, it’s a thing”. Tongue tie isn’t her only problem, and is one of several major problems with her mouth that are all affecting her ability to feed properly. … Continue Reading →

1. I am so busy. Holy shit. So busy. Curtis is working an epic work week of 10 days straight and it’s like I don’t even stop moving from ~9am to 6pm when he gets home… and then the evening rush starts and it’s ten times worse until Tempest is … Continue Reading →

We really didn’t expect that big a turn out for Tempest’s birthday. A few days before I checked the Facebook event page and didn’t see very many RSVPs, so I was getting worried only a few friends would show up. A number of our friends moved away recently, and I … Continue Reading →

My computer’s power cord is malfunctioning. Again. Fuck. I do not understand why I keep going through them so fast. I don’t yank them around, I don’t store them poorly… I keep the computer plugged in nearly 24/7 and I know dozens of others who do the same who have … Continue Reading →