Good parents don’t

I don’t normally choose to write about things that upset or unnerve me until I can look at it with humour, but this evening is an exception to the rule. Days like this make me hate campaigns for autism support that paint the experience like it’s some sort of joyful … Continue Reading →

I had the mandatory postpartum meltdown last night after Curtis came home from work and immediately told me that he’d offered to come in the next day (his day off) to cover for someone else. The reason? His nineteen year old coworker has been whining passive aggressive all day about … Continue Reading →

Three. It’s so much more than two. I’m starting to adjust to taking care of three different age groups at once. I think. Tempest is out of the house by 8:30am if all goes well (and it usually doesn’t. She’s harder to wake up for school than Marika was – … Continue Reading →

Yay it’s finally done! The birth story! That only took nearly two weeks… you’d think writing two hours worth of story would take far less than that, but you’d be wrong. Half-way through writing I got my birth pictures, which I’m happily adding in, so this entry also contains some … Continue Reading →

Right now I am grateful for: 1. Decaf iced minty mochas from the nearby bakery. 2. Tempest sweeping the livingroom without being asked. 3. Sitting down and talking with Tempest about how she’s feeling and what she needs in the wake of some really bad nights (going back well before … Continue Reading →

I forgot how tired and busy you are with a new baby. Have I really done this multiple times? I keep having these “OMG WHAT DO I DOOOO” moments of new-mom-hood where I look at my other kids and realize I can’t remember how I got through their newborn stages. … Continue Reading →

I figure it’s probably better to post these as I go rather than wait until everything is all done, which could take a week, right? This is a video that my doula took of Xan and Tempest helping the midwife cut Zephyra’s cord about two hours after she was born. … Continue Reading →

Because I’m still awake at 5am with a fussy baby who is cluster feeding all through the night due to her gassy, gassy tummy I figured I would take the time to edit and post a photo entry of the new star.

So, who called it? [ June 2nd ]. High five! I keep meaning to finish and post this entry, even partially done, but every time I open up the computer I fall asleep and I figure I should probably do that before writing… right? I am having a very weird … Continue Reading →


Zephyra was born at 4:25am after two hours of active labour. It was crazy, crazy intense: like trying to hold a rollercoaster back. Yowza. Now that I’ve had a few hours to sit and chill I feel way better. She’s 7lbs 14oz and 21 inches long. She looks insanely like … Continue Reading →