I had a NILMDTS call last week that was one of the most difficult I’ve ever done. When I arrived it was already late at night – the parents had already said their goodbyes, and were going to sleep. I was going to be alone with the baby in the … Continue Reading →

This evening at the grocery store we realized that, as a result of our child spacing, we’ll be feeding 1-2 teenagers in our house for 18 continuous years. (Not including the years we’re doing so now). This parenting thing is an expensive lifestyle. Pregnant. PREGNANT. I really do not feel … Continue Reading →

Protected: No stalking filter: KEEP A LID ON IT

  • By Babyslime
  • 21 September, 2010
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About two hundred people have begged for pictures of the tattoo, and I keep not getting around to it. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to even set aside the time to get some proper pictures. I finally took a few photos yesterday, but then had to … Continue Reading →

A super special reminder: this is not an e-zine, political blog or newspaper. I am a just a random person writing a personal blog. This may contain thoughts, opinions and judgments that are unique to me. With that in mind, when you come in and say, “All the research and … Continue Reading →

I’ll get back to my exciting life soon, I swear, but for now I really want to rant about a subject close to my heart: poverty and class politics. Recently I’ve seen this little gem floating around Facebook: “Pictured is a young physician by the name of Dr. Roger Starner … Continue Reading →

In the last two years I’ve only ovulated 8 times, and this year the last two times I ovulated were April and August. Since we have no idea when it’s coming (yes, even with symptothermo charting. Premature menopause sucks ass, guys). My charts look like this most of the time … Continue Reading →

Just a quick question for the readers that are interested in photography, or photo editing: I’ve had a few requests to continue doing some more tutorials. I’ve done one or two, and I intended to put up some more, but I’d really like to know what you’re all interested in … Continue Reading →

Behold, I finally got some real work done and finished my favourites from Marian and Kyla’s wedding last month. Lots and lots of photos within.

First off: those invasion-of-privacy ticky boxes on LJ’s comment leaving things now… do you really want people to be cross-posting their replies to your entries (even friends locked ones, apparently) onto others’ Facebooks? I got this from jenrose 1. Be using Firefox. 2. Go here and install this addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/748/ … Continue Reading →