And lo, by request from (almost) everyone, I offer my massive collection of icons. This post is arranged categorically – and with anchor links – for ease of browsing. I will add a link to this post on my userinfo page where it’s easily accessible for those who want to … Continue Reading →

Two of my favourite people were married yesterday. Watching them love each other is pure joy. I am so happy for them I could burst. More photos will come eventually, I have to pace myself and get through the other work I have queued before I start on their wedding … Continue Reading →

We celebrated my little big girl’s seventh birthday party on the Sunday last. The first isn’t her real birthday, it’s the seventh, but in order to reserve the baker we wanted (hereafter referred to as Kyrie) we had to schedule her party around the only available day she had for … Continue Reading →

<!– LOTD-related aside –> Mila’s Daydreams – I’m sure most people have seen this by now. The quick summary is: Mom has her first baby and is on maternity leave, and while on leave and dealing with that sleepy newborn stage she decides to whip out her camera and take … Continue Reading →