I’m clearing out my bookshelf and looking to get rid of a few books I don’t use. Does anyone want a pack of three Photoshop/photography helpers? Level is average to intermediate user. You need to know your way around Photoshop to get the most out of these books. “How to … Continue Reading →

You the ice cream is a problem when the check out boy greets your Cherry Garcia purchase with the phrase, “No cookie dough tonight?”. It’s been one of those weeks; a week filled with ice cream and wine. I am so swamped and completely wiped out. At any given time … Continue Reading →

The internet has been a place of insanity over the last little while. Between raging homophobia, ableism and some just plain bizarre outbursts, I forget how wonderful it is to just take a damn walk. That said, real life hasn’t been much more impressive. My mother’s birthday was the 17th … Continue Reading →

Images of summer

A photo-only entry.

Dream Diary: I had this bizarre dream last night that I was riding in the back of some sort of giant volkswagon beetle with my brother and his (pregnant) wife. We were being driven by my estranged uncle, who coincidentally is visiting this week and I may go out to … Continue Reading →

Curtis has decided he really wants to get an idiot-proof point and shoot camera so he can take more photos of the kids and/or me/us without feeling overwhelmed and terrified. My camera is like a glass butterfly to his clumsy man hands, and he’ll rarely touch it without full instructions … Continue Reading →

Holy hell, is it ever hot here. It’s so hot that our solar powered garden lights have melted into themselves. It’s so hot that having sex would start a fire, and not that kind of fire. It’s so hot we’ve spent every single afternoon of the last five laying on … Continue Reading →

I just realized that I never posted my other photos from the Colorado trip… I put them on Facebook and then completely forgot to post them here.

It seems like it’s been forever since I actually had the time to sit down and write a blog entry. Writing has remained a solid foundation throughout my life, and has given so much toward my metacommunication and overall stability. Giving it up due to a busier schedule seems like … Continue Reading →

In the last two weeks I’ve gone from Colorado to Ontario, eight different planes, three time zones, and shot seven sessions including a birth and a wedding. I’ve been awake at 3am to catch a plane by 5, and up at 6am to catch a plane at 9am, when it’s … Continue Reading →