Curtis texts me on his lunch break now. I feel so giddy when my alert goes off, it’s like we’re teenagers and passing notes in class. I’m such a dork because I’m about 5 years behind on the trend, but this is awesome. We spent this lunch break negotiating terms … Continue Reading →

Another shoot

95% of the pictures of Mr. Dad had the classic man camera-smile. Every man has it. It’s so impossible to photograph men. Even after an hour and a half he’d only just barely begun to act natural. Fortunately, the main focus of the shoot was the family’s two children who … Continue Reading →

I love my mac, but glowworm does not love me. Because of that damned program, I had to reinstall the OS not once, but twice. Fortunately I had nothing on the drive and for some reason reinstalling didn’t actually get rid of anything except the bad stuff – it just … Continue Reading →

I’m finally done with all the photos from that shoot with the girl who lived across the street from me when we were children. Her son was so adorable. And oh my god do these pictures ever look better on my Mac.

So doesn’t ship to Canada, even though their FAQ says they do. I sent them an angry email, to which they replied “email our sales department”. So I did. To which they replied, “phone our sales department”, which I tried to, but was rewarded with a message telling me … Continue Reading →

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I got it, a line of credit up to 10k which I was apparently pre-approved for at the bank and it required almost no paperwork. I can start buying upgrades now. As in now now. Watch me go! WHEEE!

Xan walked to me today. I was playing with him and held him out to sit him down but he wouldn’t bend his legs so I just let go, he’s been standing unassisted for months now so that’s no big deal, but then he reached out and walked toward me … Continue Reading →


  • By Babyslime
  • 20 November, 2007
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Last night Curtis has a breakfast shift tomorrow, which means he went to bed at 9:30. I had a lot of work to do so I was up late editing with the television on for noise. An episode of “Law and Order” came on about pedophiles who stalk girls through … Continue Reading →