The mother of boys that I met at the beach the other day came over this afternoon for a playdate. It was only awkward a few times. Once because she is in her mid-30’s and, no offense intended to any of my mid-30’s readers, but I’ve found that generally women … Continue Reading →

Obviously the mysterious eight-hour stretch was just a ruse. Xan had a runny nose when he woke up this morning. For those not in the know, he whines and complains with a high fever, or pain, but really it doesn’t stop him in his tracks. A runny nose, however, is … Continue Reading →

I made a friends cut for the first time ever. I got rid of all these communities that I’ve filtered out of regular reading (why do I still have them on my list?) and people that I haven’t seen in ages, and in some cases don’t remember who they are. … Continue Reading →

Last night I laid down with Xan to nurse him to sleep and he got all hyper and playful. When he does this, as cute as it generally is, it really irritates me. He’s so tired, and this just inevitably leads to more struggles and tantrums. I got up and … Continue Reading →

Xan likes to sit on the floor in Tempest’s room when she gets read to at night. This evening while Curtis was reading, Tempest took the paper bookmark and gave it to Xan to play with. Except he didn’t play with it, he ate it. I don’t mean chewed and … Continue Reading →

It was a stunning day today. Beautiful sunshine, 23 degrees (comfortably warm but not hot) and I thought, “Why waste it inside?”. After some kerfuffle, we went out the door and headed up to the lake. It’s a half hour walk, maybe a little more with small children. I had … Continue Reading →

Top Commenters on ‘s LiveJournal (Self and anonymous comments excluded from rankings) 1 305 2 285 3 255 4 231 5 225 6 194 7 191 8 178 9 156 10 155 _______________ Report generated 5/15/2007 5:44:25 PM by ‘s LJ Comment Stats Wizard 1.7 Since I did this in … Continue Reading →

May 13th: Happy mother’s day to us. My brother, his wife, our mom, Curtis and I go out for dinner at our favourite place. Deserts and drinks were at another. Everything was awesome. When I die, both of those places will be in my heaven serving me Japanese food and … Continue Reading →

May 11th: I <3 Xan’s new shoes.

I’ve mentioned my nana a few times before, she’s the one in the hospital who has had so many strokes she cannot even open her eyes anymore. She hasn’t spoken since last summer, and I haven’t gone to see her because it scares me to see someone trapped that way. … Continue Reading →