Oh noes! It’s the blizzard of the century! Or the decade… everyone from this area remembers “The blizzard of ’96”, so I suppose it’s about time we had another. There’s two feet of snow in our backyard and more coming, power lines are down all over the roads, they shut … Continue Reading →

Jericho has been on my mind. Him and my pregnancy with him. Sometimes I feel like with Xan born there’s no evidence of him around me. I have his shadowbox and his ashes and yet it doesn’t feel like “enough”. Looking at them isn’t enough, holding them isn’t enough. His … Continue Reading →

Brilliant article about the Delta Airlines SNAFU with breastfeeding. Best quote comes from the comments: “God hates boobs, that why he didn’t give Jesus any.” Tempest, Xan and I braved the wind warning and went on a long walk this afternoon to gather branches. I want to make a wreath … Continue Reading →

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  • By Babyslime
  • 19 November, 2006
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That took way too long. Anyway, now instead of spamming my journal with diaper stuff, you can add my WAHM journal to your friends list and just check there for updates. Currently I have seconds (cosmetic flaws in the serging and snap placement) for sale on there, but shortly I’ll … Continue Reading →

It’s Curtis’ “weekend” which means I get two whole showers by myself. If I could, I’d take ten. Xan has been a superfuss this afternoon. I got an MP3 file for “fussy babies” that apparently works wonders, but the first time I played it I had no response so I … Continue Reading →

Dear public library, My family and I are getting quite annoyed that, three times now, after we returned a paperback or DVD, you forgot to check it back in when they were returned and started tacking on late fees. Then you neglected to tell us the items were “late” and … Continue Reading →

Longest entry ever

Xan now weighs 14 pounds, meaning he gained over a pound a week for the last three – total gain of four and a half pounds in five weeks. Tempest had only gained one pound, 12 ounces in her first month. Having no (or minimal, at least) breastfeeding problems this … Continue Reading →