Curtis let me sleep in until 10:30am today and woke me by saying he was going out briefly with his parents to pick something up, then he’d come back for me and we’d go out doing touristy things. I decided I could get ready in less than five minutes, so … Continue Reading →

Protected: Most Trusted

  • By Babyslime
  • 29 August, 2006
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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Amber got here at around 3pm, Curtis parents got here at 4:30, about ten minutes after Curtis came home and jumped in the shower to wash the restaurant stink off him. Amber and I walked up to the craft store and got $30 worth of belly casting supplies because they … Continue Reading →

I’ve been up since 7:40am. Cleaning. Curtis’ parents will be here around 4pm or so. I’m betting closer to 4:30 because ferries are always, always late. Amber will be here a few hours before them. We’re going to do my belly cast tonight. Curtis will be home around 4:10 and … Continue Reading →

I printed out all the pictures I wanted for Jericho’s shadowbox. They’re all in there now, the only thing missing is my father’s poem and a tiny frame for his hair. I’m going to print out my dad’s poem at the library on Monday, but won’t get either matting until … Continue Reading →

I took advantage of a sale, and bought a shadowbox. I carried it home and spent the next 45 minutes arranging what I was able to inside of it, getting ideas for how I wanted to finish it off. I put it up on my mantle. I want it done … Continue Reading →

Erana is being the most annoying bird ever. The last two years she’s been rather bitchy, spends a lot of time alone in her cage, and hasn’t wanted to be held or receive any attention. But… since we’ve moved all of our pets have seemed happier. Chloe has stopped shaking … Continue Reading →

filtered: most trusted

I rearranged the population of this filter again. Read the Rules if you haven’t been on it before. I had this very vague dream, there were no images, just sounds. I could hear myself and others talking and was only just barely aware of what was going on. My labour … Continue Reading →

This is very un-mod-like of me, but OH MY GOD HOW MUCH CLEARER DOES IT HAVE TO BE?! Don’t. Vote. For. Moderators on . You see how their entries don’t have links back? And in the past, when we did the icon tables, their entries would be on completely separate … Continue Reading →

A bit of back story for those who don’t know about my mother’s disabilities: