I just got off the phone with the board of directors of La Leche League, telling me that after a lots of deliberation over my photos, I won second place in LLL (Canada) Photo Contest! WHEEE!! This is the image that placed. I have absolutely no idea what any of … Continue Reading →

There is not a whole lot funnier than eavesdropping on Tempest playing pretend with her dinosaurs. She identifies them as “mommy”, “Daddy”, “Nanny”, “baby”, “meow meow” and other various characters. Then she enacts scenes, like the ‘mommy’ (in a deep and gruff voice) trying to get ‘baby’ to take a … Continue Reading →

Curtis called his mom last night and gave her the news. She was really happy. She blurted it back out, and Curtis heard his father repeat it in the background. Even he was happy, and that’s saying a lot since he’s been the one to be the most cynical all … Continue Reading →

Look, it’s ForeverLongies! Eventually I assume I’ll get better at knitting, and it won’t take me two months to make a pair of longies. Including the pink scarf I made my sister (sorry, no pictures) this is my second finished project.

(I did this up very quickly, so if anyone has anything intelligent to add, please do so). VBAC and scar integrity, or “Why my uterus isn’t going to explode”

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  • By Babyslime
  • 27 March, 2006
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I got the go-ahead from LC to share her maternity portraits to both potential clients, and my readers! She liked them so much she’s willing to show you all. 🙂 And so… (Remember: I did not physically take these photos. Amber and I worked together on the poses, but she … Continue Reading →

So… I knitted up a storm the last two days. I have nothing better to do when I’m not gagging. I finished off the first leg of the ForeverLongies and started the second leg. I did almost all of it in one day, which is a feat because they’re as … Continue Reading →

Curtis’ mother called and talked to me for an hour tonight. She told me things she asked me not to tell Curtis, for fear of worrying him. Like that she was depressed and taking Paxil, that her cholesterol is high because she won’t stop eating fast food, and that they … Continue Reading →

I lay in bed last night with my hands on my stomach, sure I felt another kick. Curtis was dozing off, but I caught him before he was completely asleep. I wonder if I think about twins because I have not let go of being pregnant with Jericho. Sometimes I’m … Continue Reading →