My sister sent me a forward with a video I already have of funny cats. I was CC’d along with two or three of her friends. It’s the first email she’s sent me in over a year. She’s not very good at responding to mine. She opens emails with “yo … Continue Reading →

When I was young, my grandmother died. She meant everything to me: she was my island, and my sanctuary away from the violence and anger of my parents’ failing marriage. I escaped into her room, with her old fuzzy television; we drew pictures, she chain-smoked, and I didn’t mind. I … Continue Reading →

I need one of these:

The irritating kids (by kids, I mean 20-somethings with the mental age of 12 year olds) upstairs are playing their music so loud that it’s making our lights shudder. “Santa Monica” by Theory of Deadman just came on. Curtis said, “Who needs radio when you have obnoxious neighbors?” I’ve gone … Continue Reading →

The doctor’s appointment was anti-climactic. The pediatrician was warm, and kind… he was there at the hospital, he was the one who delivered the news to me in the recovery room when I first woke up. He didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know already. He seemed surprised that I … Continue Reading →

Curtis has to do an event this weekend. A “game banquet”. As in, game. He came home and told me what was on the menu, the things he’s had to do the last few days, and I flipped out. Elk, moose, beaver… cougar? Kitties?! They’re eating KITTIES?! Otter? They brought … Continue Reading →

I didn’t hear Tempest make a peep for a few minutes so I walked around looking for trouble. Her door was closed, so I pushed it open and peered inside. She was standing in the middle of her (clean) room, with a child’s chair on one side of her and … Continue Reading →

Jericho’s ashes came back. They told me originally it would take six weeks to do the autopsy and cremation, but I guess they did it fast. The funeral home was the last stop on a long list of places to go today. I went alone; Curtis was at home watching … Continue Reading →

I have a short list of rants to get out: We paid for next day shipping on Thursday, and Purolator still says “It’s on the truck, it’ll be there by 5pm” over and over… the company we ordered from says they can’t issue a refund on shipping unless Purolator issues … Continue Reading →

Dedication: Psycho Grandma

The scariest part about this is how familiar it is. I don’t watch this show (Trading Spouses), but I know the premise. Mom A and Mom B switch places and take care of each other’s families for a week (?), they usually choose two families that couldn’t be more different. … Continue Reading →