I spent two days designing, printing and then carving a three-level Harry Potter pumpkin (using three levels of “shading”). I did the pattern myself in Photoshop, and even though I royally screwed up his mouth during the cutting the FIRST person (a parent with a smaller child) who came to … Continue Reading →

Curtis got his marks today. He’s #3 in the entire course. *beam*

I know someone who reads me will agree. As said in : I think this girl’s baby room is just adorable!http://www.justmommies.com/boards/lofiversion/index.php/t112230.html I love that shade of pink. To which I replied: I hate pink. I, personally, think that room looks like Barbie vomited it up during a murderous attack by … Continue Reading →

LC is here, so I haven’t updated or been on so much. Points of interest: – My chiropractor and I spent 10 minutes palpating my belly at my latest appointment and can’t make heads or tails of the baby’s position. I’m going to start coming in weekly for the Webster … Continue Reading →

Tempest slept straight through last night, but of course I didn’t. I was up until almost 2am. We watched “The Magdalene Sisters”, which I found really disturbing and yet very moving. I spent 45 minutes looking up the history. The thought of finding hundreds of unmarked graves on these sites … Continue Reading →

This is scary stuff. The Olsen twins of white nationalism? Aside from that, they’re also horrible singers. I don’t have the right plugin for viewing, but this was still the creepiest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

Tempest just fell asleep while nursing for the first time in 17 months. She curled up in my lap, fidgeted and wiggled like a little worm for ten straight minutes while I coded web pages, and all of a sudden I realized she wasn’t nursing anymore but hadn’t moved. It’s … Continue Reading →

I’m seriously afraid to go to the bathroom without Tempest because she’s been such a psychopath. I have lost count of the messes I’ve cleaned up in the last few days. Yesterday was horrible. At the end of the night I was lying in bed and realized that when we … Continue Reading →


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  • 23 October, 2005
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Big-boob’ed ladies, or ladies with hard-to-find sizes, there’s a sale going on at biggerbras.com. 15% off with code “october”. I also have a coupon code for (an additional, I think) 15% off. They already have great prices, and I’ve ordered stuff from the before. They even have nursing bras on … Continue Reading →