How can you tell someone doesn’t have children?

When they leave you notes like this : This is a hint that you should watch your child better. I remember something similar to this happening not too long ago with your daughter involving diaper creme. Toddlers have to be watched every second and there is no way around that. … Continue Reading →

“She’s been quiet an awfully long time,” said my mother. Indeed she had. At least three minutes had passed without a peep. Highly suspicious. So, I went searching. I called for her, but I heard no answer, no pitter-patter of playful feet. Nothing. The bedroom door was ajar. I opened … Continue Reading →

Thank you, those of you who have made guesses in the PregPool so far. I appreciate it. 🙂

I think I must be allergic to aspirin. Can you be allergic to aspirin? I suppose you can. Maybe that’s why it always gave me migraines when I used to take it for headaches. I have to do this aspirin mush mask on my nose every night to help heal … Continue Reading →

I like pie.

Waking up to Curtis’ alarm at an obscene hour so he can make it to his baking lab is totally worth it when he calls me at 2pm and says, “How many pies do you want me to bring home?” Then he lists off the types. He made them himself … Continue Reading →

Want to win some cash? Seriously. This could end up being a very handy little thing. My PregPool. People pay to make guesses (the lowest option is $5, so I chose that. It’d be nice if they only cost $1 though) via Paypal and it all goes into a pool. … Continue Reading →

Stuff I’ve said to my two year old lately: “We don’t lick Nana” “Fruit goes in your mouth, not your vagina” “The kitty is telling you that he doesn’t want to be a hat” “That’s not a chicken, that’s an ostrich, but you were very close” “Your foot needs to … Continue Reading →

[Originally on Friends Only, but I changed my mind.] Disclaimer: This isn’t meant to belittle anyone’s experiences in any way. I am a survivor. And, I really despise the mentality of some people who seem to actually WANT to maintain a victim status, regardless of trauma so that they can … Continue Reading →

For Tina

Who requested a video of the happiness. [572kb]

We all know the girls in the magazines are retouched, but it still comes as a surprise to see just how much is changed. Scary.