Black, blue and green

I hate seeing that. On a twenty minute bus ride a woman, whom I take the bus with QUITE frequently, had her older daughter and younger son (maybe 2.5?) with her, and fed them: Jujubees, chips, cheetos, juice, shortbread cookies, a cupcake and jellybeans. The small one started flipping out … Continue Reading →

I got to watch that “Penn and Teller – Bullshit” episode on circumcision last night. I don’t get Showtime, and I can’t even visit the site from Canada (it’s blocked to non-USA residents)… but someone managed to find a place to download it on bittorrent, as word of this episode … Continue Reading →

For Reference, FAQ

I’ve had about 30 of the same questions in the last 12 hours, so I figure I’ll repost them all here and link it on my user info. This is a work in progress, as I’m sure the ‘most frequently asked questions’ will change over the course of this pregnancy … Continue Reading →

Kick! One, two…

There must be some unwritten rule which reads that at any Aquafit or Watercise class there must be hideous techno music, and nothing even remotely enjoyable. I had my first class tonight. I actually started laughing. Out loud. The music was so bad. Some songs weren’t awful, and even had … Continue Reading →

I am starting to show again, like I did when I was pregnant with Tempest. I can’t get any pants on unless I push them under my stomach. I have one pair of jeans that sits really, really, really low and that’s the only pair I can wear comfortably. It’s … Continue Reading →

You know, I said something in my local Pagan email group about whether or not some dishes would be vegetarian so I’d know whether or not to eat before attending a Beltane ritual… The person replied that she is vegetarian, except for free-range chicken, so at least some were. Vegetarian, … Continue Reading →

I need ideas. Clever ideas, because I really want to stay away from corny. Due to shitty registrars, I’m losing my domain. It’s a long story. I’m getting a new one. Curtis says, “This is an opportunity to rename it to reflect our family instead of just Tempest.” Originally the … Continue Reading →

Tempest has this bizarre behavior with tubes of cream, or lip balm, or any other object that resembles some sort of body product. I have no idea where she picked it up. She’ll ‘dab’ her finger on the top and then very purposefully and carefully ‘apply’ the imaginary whatever behind … Continue Reading →

I’ve read a few chapters into “Unassisted Childbirth”, so far I’m really enjoying it. Other then the fact that some of the descriptions are making me feel squicky. I can’t imagine getting an episiotomy, or be hooked up to an IV and fetal monitor, or have someone screw something into … Continue Reading →


  • By Babyslime
  • 22 April, 2005
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