Long story short: we’re moved. We’re about 3/4 unpacked and organized. I think we’re going to have a garage sale soon, because this house is a lot smaller then I thought it would be – the bedrooms in particular. I think we’re making it work, though. We have to, because … Continue Reading →

We’re packing up the computer in about an hour. ADSL doesn’t get hooked up until Monday, and who knows if we’ll even have the desk set up at that point. But, the phone will be hooked up by the evening we move in. *Hint hint for teh fuZz* Bedroom is … Continue Reading →

Please tell me this is not a popular sentiment, or belief: [Quicktime Version] – Page is in another language. Wait for video to load, it’s in english. [WMV version] — Babs

A bit ago, someone said I should do more memes. The text kind, not the radio button kind…

So… I broke down and bought more icon space. Because I had to, and it was only $6 for 6 months. I deleted about seven icons off my computer last night, I’d been saving them and just can’t part with the ones I have, so I ended up throwing them … Continue Reading →

stolen from jbarbie23

The most amazing, incredible, extraordinary, bewildering, wonderful  thing just happened.

Gush, gush

My baby little girl was amazing today.

My camera is recharged. *happy dance* I can take pictures again. If only I had any reason to take pictures… the house feels so cramped all covered in boxes. Curtis moved everything out of second/third bedrooms and into the corner of the livingroom so he could vacuum them up. The … Continue Reading →

Boxing Boxes

Livingroom  (Half-done) Entry Den Kitchen Bathrooms Bedroom 2nd Bedroom Back Room Dad is coming (next) Saturday at 10am to start moving. We’re estimated to work until 11pm at night. I’m going up with the first load and spending the entire day alone in the empty house. I will busy myself … Continue Reading →